3 Benefits of Temporary Staffing

If you are considering adding more staff to your organization it may be beneficial to first think about the possibility of hiring temporary staff members to fulfill your needs. Here are three good reasons to consider employing temporary workers.

Help When You Need It Most

A frequent reason to bring on temp staff is to have extra employees during peak production periods. Whether it is a medical office at the end of the year when patients are rushing to use up flexible insurance accounts, or a clothing store during the holidays, or a manufacturer processing a high volume of orders, every business has a high volume period. Temporary staff can make these peak periods run smoothly. Additional staff can ease the load by completing basic tasks to allow full-time employees to focus on more important functions of the business.

busy employeeYour full-time employees will be thankful for the additional help. People who are feeling stressed out during high volume work periods can feel resentful towards their employers, or they may begin to experience burn out. This can lead to a hostile work environment, decreased productivity, and an increase in absenteeism. Bringing in temporary staffing will show your employees that you value them and understand that a lot is being expected of them to maintain a productive company.

Lower Your Costs

Temporary staffing can save your business money. You have no recruiting costs, no cost of advertising for candidates, and reduced time spent by your staff screening and interviewing candidates. You also have none of the termination or severance pay required when a permanent employee leaves your company. And there is no need to continue paying full salary if a permanent position’s workload should temporarily decrease.

Special Projects

Some companies require extra people or specialists  for short-term or one-time projects. You may find that you need a worker with a specific skill or knowledge. Temporary staffing will allow you to target the right people for the job. Many professionals who have retired are finding that they need to supplement their income. These workers have years of experience and you may be able to get them at a reduced rate. New grads or people looking to boost their resumes may also be an option for these temporary positions.

In addition to getting highly skilled people, you will have the benefit of only keeping them on until the work is completed. If a project changes direction or is eliminated you can let the temporary staff members go whenever you need to. When this happens there is no need to fill out unemployment paper work or follow processes that you might need for a full-time employee.

There are many reasons to employ people on a temporary basis, only three of which are highlighted here. If you know you need more workers and are unsure if you need them full time, you may find filling your needs with temporary workers until they are no longer needed to be a profitable and satisfying experience.

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