Full-Service Payroll

We can do all or just some of the tasks listed below, based on your requirements and internal resources.

Government Remittances

We can remit to all government agencies (eg. CRA, MRQ, Ministry of Finance, etc.) with reporting and reconciliation.

Workers’ Compensation

We can remit and report your Worker’s Compensation premiums.

Third Party Remittances

We can pay any third-party payment (eg. benefit premiums, pension plan contributions, FRO, garnishments, and union dues).


For any payments we make on your behalf, we reconcile against payroll.

ROE & T4’s & Year-End

We file electronic copies of your ROEs, T4s and RL1s, handle inquiries, and provide annual summaries.

Absence Tracking

Interface with Enterprise Time Solutions or your current Time & Attendance platform to track sick/vacation requests and absences.

Employee Enquiries

Your employees can phone or email your designated Payroll Specialist with pay stub and payroll-related questions. No need for internal expertise.

PIER Report

We run a pre-emptive PIER on your payroll each year to balance CPP and EI before closing out the year to avoid a CRA PIER.

Employee Changes

Feel free to enter your employee changes, or call/email your dedicated payroll specialist to do it for you (eg. salary changes, new hires, terminations, retro calculations, etc.).

Expenses & One-Time Payments

We can process all payments made to your employees, including monthly expenses, car allowances, commissions, and bonuses.

Stat Calculations

We calculate stat holiday pay as per the provincial and federal legislation.

Direct Deposit

We pay your employees via Direct Deposit, including multiple bank accounts per employee if applicable, and issue electronic pay stubs. Printed cheques are also available.


We build custom reports based on your business and email them to you every pay period. You can also login to run them on your own time. In PDF or Excel.

General Ledger

We custom-build your General Ledger report so that you can upload directly into your accounting program. No more manual entries.

Benefits Administration

We can enroll, terminate and update your employees with your benefits carrier.


“Pivotal was able to reduce our risk of being dependent on an individual to process our payroll and at the same time reduced our costs by half.”

Brian Gore  |  President & CEO  |  FundSERV

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