Temporary Staffing

Tips for Candidates

Temporary staffing candidates need more than just their skills and track record. Presentation is just as important for temporary staff applicants, as it is for permanent candidates. Your personal appearance, your resume, your timeliness for appointments, and your writing skills — they all matter to the prospective employer. We have dozens of tips and articles to help you (see below), with new features coming each week.




The importance of a well written resume

"I am not an English teacher, I am not a professional proofreader, I am however someone who cannot abide typos, incorrect grammar or simple sloppiness in a professional document. Whether you are writing your resume, your website, your blog or an e-mail, whatever you write is a representation of you." — a Recruiter


For Temporary Candidates

Do you have unique skills?

Are you motivated by temporary staff positions, perhaps because you enjoy the freedom and flexibility? Are you a smart worker? We'd like to hear from you.