5 Ways a Recruiting Agency Can Help Canadian Businesses

canadian flagLabour laws vary from country to country. Every country has its own unique set of employment issues. Every country has to deal with different sets of industry trends. Of course, Canada is no different. Being part of a Canadian business you would want to partner with a recruiting agency which has a clear understanding of the Canadian business landscape.
Let’s consider five ways a recruiting agency can help Canadian businesses:

  1. Be in compliance with all legal requirements
  2. Adapt to changes in the national job market
  3. Understand industry trends
  4. A resource for competitive wages
  5. Have knowledge concerning available talent pool

1. Compliance with Legal Requirements

A recruiting agency is required to keep up with any changes to Canadian employment laws. For any employees that are contracted directly through the agency, the paperwork will be looked after for you. If you do decide to hire the candidate independently then you can have confidence in the agency’s ability to walk you through any of the necessary legal requirements.

Because your recruiting agency has an understating of national labour laws this will also help you be in compliance with all provincial employment standards. You will also avoid any costly fines if you are ever audited by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

2. Adapt to Changes in the National Job Market

A recruiting agency can help you find the best available talent regardless of the current economic situation. For example, in recent months, Canada as a whole has experienced an upswing in job creation. Of course for the most part that would be considered a positive development. But that also potentially creates the challenge of a shrinking talent pool. Regardless of the size of the current talent pool, a professional recruiter can help your company find the best talent available.

3. Understand Industry Trends

Because the recruiting agency has experience working with other Canadian companies within your industry they have a clear understanding of industry trends. That understanding can help you in the following ways:


  • You will be aware of any initiatives taken by your competitors
  • Be given access to cross promotion opportunities
  • Understand what trends are working and which ones are not


4. Competitive Wages

Another advantage which comes from your recruiting agency possessing industry experience, is that they have an understanding of what is considered to be a competitive wage within the national job market. They say you get what you pay for, so you need to know what is considered a fair wage for the position that you are looking for.

Also, because your recruiting agency has experience working with your competitors, they will also have an idea of the type of benefits packages being offered. This insider info can be used to attract the best talent available.

5. Have Knowledge Concerning Available Talent Pool

Not only would your recruiting agency have knowledge concerning general trends in the national job markets, but they would also have specific knowledge concerning the availability of certain positions. Knowing the availability of certain key roles in your company can help you adjust your employment strategy.
For example, if certain key roles are hard to fill it could reflect in the wages offered. Also, if you already have top notch individuals filling hard to find positions, then you will go out of your way to keep them happy.

A recruiting agency’s understanding of the Canadian job market will help you to continue to succeed and adapt to any changes in the national business landscape.

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