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Responsive Temporary Solutions

Just because you need "temporary" human resources doesn't mean you should compromise. Yet, at the same time there is often a sense of urgency with temporary solutions. When you need skills and talent from your temporary replacements, think of Pivotal Temporary Staffing. We pre-screen and evaluate all candidates for you well in advance, allowing us to present candidates quickly — correctly skilled employees who can do more than "fill in."


Responsive solutions require expertise

When it comes to temporary staffing, where you are often in a rush — yet can't make any costly mistakes — a temporary agency with decades of experience is a major asset. It's not just about connections, or pre-screening, or even expertise — although that's a given with Pivotal. It's about really understanding our client's needs.

Pivotal Custom Matching

We'll let you in on a secret. Years ago, we mapped out a way to systemize the matching of client-employer needs, matched to an employee-asset who can do more than just "fill in." We call it Employee Custom Matching, and it's one of the secrets behind our decades-long track record of success.

Health and Safety Best Practice Program

One reason our clients rely on us year after year is our special focus on health and safety in the workplace. How do we accomplish this? We tour the work site, observing the work requirements and then matching employees to ensure a good fit. It could also include Health & Safety Risk Management assistance. The assistance may include WSIB NEER analysis with advice to reduce costs, site-specific MOL compliance training to understand due diligence requirements or other types of training.



One in five temporay employees cite flexibility as the reason they prefer non-permanent.

Temporary employment can be win-win. Highly skilled workers often prefer temporary — enjoying the freedom and flexibility of shorter-term commitements. Interestingly,  35% of temporary workers are offered permanent jobs by the client. [U.S. statistic from American Staffing Association.]

Pivotal advantage 1

Lower Costs

On average, to find a qualified candidate, the average company must attract 250 resumes, resulting in 4-6 interviews. [1] This process, on average, takes 39 days. Often, with Temporary Staffing, you don't have that time — or the budget to allocate to recruiting for a non-permanent position. —Source: Glassdoor

Pivotal advantage 2

No Advertising Costs

Advertising for a temporary replacement is only the beginning of the costs. Screening resumes, interviews, background checks, reference checks — all take time and money. Depending on the tenure of the temporary staff, this may be cost prohibitive.

Pivotal advantage 3

Save on Training Time

We've worked with over 1,000 clients and tens of thousands of employees — building a network of available human resources with well-developed specialties and skillsets in many fields. We try to pre-qualify candidates with ideal skillsets. Most of the candidates will already have a basic understanding of health and safety and job requirements, minimizing training time.

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