Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll


No Disruption

Your Pivotal payroll specialist is supported by a team of 14 payroll specialists. If she goes on vacation or calls in sick, there is always a trained back-up so your payroll is never disrupted. You receive year-round coverage, 5-days a week.


Our team of specialists are PCP certified and continually trained on the updates to Canada’s payroll legislation. We proactively ensure that your payroll is compliant and we are accountable for all remittance payments made on your behalf.



You no longer need to entrust your confidential salary and compensation information to an internal employee. We maintain strict authorization protocols so that only your designated contacts can send and receive payroll information and reports.

Cost Savings

Although outsourcing your payroll may seem like an additional operating cost, it is important to consider the cost of payroll mistakes. A late or incorrect payment to the CRA, Ministry of Finance, or WSIB can result in large penalties and interest. As well, payroll is very important to your employees - managing it correctly can have a direct impact on employee morale and turnover.

“I don’t have the headaches of doing my own payroll which frees up more time to get other tasks completed. Peace of mind. Win, Win.”

Neville  |  Owner  |  Canadian Tire Gas Bar Newmarket

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