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7 Statistical Benefits of Payroll Management Services for Canadian SMEs

Quick Facts on Payroll Management for Small to Medium Enterprices Over 50% of Canadian SMEs outsource their payroll management services. [1] Efficient payroll management services can reduce errors in payroll processing by up to 40%.[1] SMEs that outsource payroll management services save an average of 18% on operational costs. [3] […]

Salary survey: What are Canadian employers planning for 2024 and which sectors will see the highest increases?

Salary increases are a key component of any compensation strategy. They reflect the economic conditions, the labour market dynamics, and the organizational performance and objectives. They also influence the attraction, retention, and motivation of employees, as well as their satisfaction and engagement at work. But how do Canadian employers plan […]

Survey 2024: Canadian Employers Expected to Raise Salaries 3.6 percent — Average of 700 Companies Surveyed

A survey of 700 Companies indicated  has that in 2024, pay cheques will, on average, boost of 3.6%. The negative expectations in the overall economy mean that this salary raise is certainly welcome, even though it isn’t as high as it has been in previous years. [1] The senior principal […]

Benefits Gap Continues in Canada — Research Indicates the Specific Gaps Between Employee Wants and What is Provided

As the landscape of employee expectations continues to evolve, Canadian employers are faced with the challenge of keeping pace. Despite considerable strides in certain areas, there remains a tangible gap between what employees desire and what their employers currently provide. This article delves into the findings from the Canada Innovative […]

Why EOR, Employer of Record, may be the solution for rapid scaling up in the Canadian Market

The modern business ecosystem has moved on from the hiring limitations of the past. Gone are the days when a business could only hire employees that could physically come into their workplace every working day; instead, the world serves as the new talent pool. The past several years have seen […]

Survey: Not as Many Employers Planning Base Pay Improvements in 2023 Compared to Previous Years

Explore the changing landscape of base pay improvements in 2023. Unravel insights from Payscale’s latest survey revealing fewer employers plan base pay increments compared to previous years.

Employer health benefits costs will increase 7.5% in 2023 due to aging workforce, inflation; what can employers do? — survey report

According to a new report by Aon[1], the cost of employer-sponsored medical benefits in Canada is projected to increase by 7.5% in 2023. The report evaluated responses from more than one hundred Aon offices worldwide that broker, administer, or provide advice on employer-sponsored medical plans. Cardio and hypertension health issues […]

Payroll Management and Recruiting: A survey indicates the top challenges for business in 2023 include “recruiting” and “pay increases”

A survey by consulting firm Peninsula shows that Canadian employers are currently facing a lot of staffing challenges, with 54% saying that recruitment is the most serious. Pay increase requests follow at 46%, and employee retention comes in at third place (37%). [1] Recruiting and the demand for pay increases […]

5 Signs Your Organization Needs to Partner with a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO): A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides comprehensive HR services through partnerships with small to medium-sized businesses. The relationship is defined as “co-employment,” which means that organizations retain full control over their operations and employee functions, with only HR-related employer responsibilities outsourced to the […]

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