Self-Service Payroll

Our System

Pivotal’s payroll system offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Using pre-defined timecards for each employee, you minimize the work for each pay run, while using custom reports to quickly validate your payroll in real-time.

Easily export your data and reports in Excel or PDF

Easily import timesheets or special payments (i.e. bonus or commission spreadsheets)

Real-time payroll preview allows you to review your pay run and any manual adjustments as soon as they are entered

Custom reports to suit your business, at no extra cost


Electronic upload to ROE Web

Process all payments made to employees in the system without the need for manual cheques (expense reimbursement, car allowances, etc.)

Keep track of vacation allocation, with automatic updates based on employee start date and your internal payroll policies


Outsource your Remittances and Third-Party Payments

Pivotal can handle any and all payments to:

  • CRA
  • Revenu Quebec
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Benefits/RRSP provider
  • Union
  • Garnishment/Family Responsibility Office

Our Support

You will be assigned a dedicated payroll specialist who processes your payroll each run and answers any questions you have about the system or Canadian payroll legislation.

  • Direct phone number and email address for your dedicated payroll specialist (plus back-up specialist)
  • Support for system-related questions, as well as payroll legislation
  • Backed by a team of certified payroll specialists at our Mississauga office
  • Our payroll service is externally audited under the CSAE 3416, providing you assurance that we maintain effective and efficient internal controls.

“Easily mapped out. No hidden fees. Very personable. Prior was Ceridian – Pivotal is far more superior. Excellent all around. Always helpful and on point.”

Delia Brereton |  Owner  | Choose Healthy Now

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