Professional Employer Organization/PEO

The Fast Track to Canada

Without doubt, Canada is the most natural market to expand into for growing International Companies. Canada is accessible, friendly, and home to some of the world's top HR skills, particularly in technology and manufacturing. The relative strength of the US dollar also makes Canada a first "go to" for expansion.

Friendly — but Different

While the market is friendly, the rules for HR management, payroll and benefits can be quite different. The fastest way to access the Canadian market is through HR outsourced PEO or EOR solutions.

Pivotal HR Solutions, with four decades of expertise, is the Canadian "go to." Call our team to ask about our customized solutions.

BREAKING BORDERS, in a nutshell, is a customized professional employer organization (PEO) service that provides exactly what you need:

  • Outsourced employee management tasks
  • Employee benefits
  • Payroll
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Recruiting
  • Risk and safety management, and training and development.

We can expedite your "breaking borders" approach hiring you company’s employees in Canada, thus becoming their employer of record for tax purposes and insurance purposes.

If your plans call for a discrete entity in Canada, we can build an outsource program around the HR and Payroll services that you need in Canada.

Full-Service Employee Management

  • Customized employment documentation, including offer letters that match your corporate strategy.
  • HR support and advice regarding full-cycle employment, from onboarding to termination.
  • Canadian phone number for employees to call with banking or health and safety questions.

Payroll Management

  • Direct deposit and emailed pay slips to your Canadian employees.
  • Payment and filing for all applicable payroll taxes.
  • No need to open a Canadian bank account. Payroll funds can be wired to Pivotal in CDN or USD.

Employee Benefits

  • Access to extensive health benefit packages, including health and dental, group RSP, as well as short- and long-term disability coverage.

Customer Service and Support

  • A direct line to our dedicated Payroll and HR Specialists who manage your account throughout the relationship.
  • Each Specialist is supported by a team of seasoned professionals who can handle payroll and HR questions at all levels.
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