Pivotal Process


Your permanent team is pivotal to your success

With a long history of successful permanent recruitments — literally, tens of thousands of placements — we have the expertise to help you build your valuable HR resources. There's no challenge too big for our experts. Our secret? We listen well, collaborate well and work with our clients as a team. We try to match candidates to position with time-saving precision.

Let us do the screen and match

The most labour-intensive part of HR recruitment is certainly the screening. We bring candidates who have been pre-screened with:

  • references
  • background checks
  • behavior assessments
  • personality assessments
  • skillset assessments.

Pivotal can take the entire process, as your "outsource HR department" or we can supplement your HR team with expert analysis and short-listing of candidates to your specific needs.

We're up to the challenge

No matter how challenging your needs, we can help you find the perfect fit. In more than 30 years of service, with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of placements, we have never shied away from a difficult scenario.

Do you need candidates with very unusual or difficult-to-source skills? Do you need to tap into candidates around the world to find the right match? Pivotal Permanent Recruiting can help you solve any HR problem.

International clients

Pivotal Permanent Recruiting has years of experience helping International companies with their Canadian HR placements. We can help you manage the recruitment, paperwork and regulatory issues — making your Canadian hires trouble free. 

Canada provides an amazing opportunity for growth to International companies looking for highly skilled workforce and supportive trade rules.  Pivotal can help you navigate the regulations, reduce risk and stay compliant with the latest laws.


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