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Temporary ideas

6.6% of employees in Canada are Temporary

According to Statistics Canada, most of these are placed through an agency such as Pivotal. Contract, seasonal, skilled temporary — the logistics of a dynamic team of temporary workers almost demands an agency — to maximize productivity and minimize issues.

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Permanent ideas

90% of job seekers value transparency

Here's an idea. Permanent recruiting is all about transparency. 90% of job seekers say that it is important to work for a company that is transparent with employees. (Glassdoor 2016).  Demonstrating that transparency during the recruiting rounds can dramatically improve the quality of finalists.

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Payroll Management Ideas

Outsource payroll management to keep on top of changing rules

Once again, in 2018, Ontario's labour laws will see more changes. Designed to protect employees, the rules are a management and cost burden. The most efficient way to manage payroll for small-to-mid-sized companies is through outsouring payroll management to specialists. No team has more experience than Pivotal Payroll Management.

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HR Management Ideas

92% of employees would leave their company for a better offer

It costs, on average, $4,129 to recruit a new employee (SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking 2016). Unfortunately, after they come "on board" 92% say they would leave if made a better offer from a company of good repuation. (Corporate Responsiblity Magazine, 2015). The one thing that can make the difference is outsourced HR Management. Specialists can help prevent the loss of valued human resources. 

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Who We Are

At Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, our goal is to partner with you to provide flexible solutions to meet your organizational goals that will in turn provide you with a competitive advantage.  Over the past 40 years, we have grown to become a leader in providing a range of HR solutions for small to mid-size companies in Canada.  We pride ourselves on our “team based” approach and offer practical solutions to our clients’ specific and unique human resource and business challenges.

We will work with you to develop customized service solutions and HR plans that fit your business.  We have a proven track record of optimizing attraction, retention, motivation, engagement process and minimizing employment and legislative risk.  We will implement sustainable people strategies that will improve your bottom line and help you achieve your goals.

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