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Pivot with Pivotal

Seizing business opportunity is the art of pivoting — bringing the right HR resources to the critical moment. Since 1981, Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions has helped many small and mid-sized Canadian businesses pivot: bringing HR capabilities normally only available to large enterprises. For HR management, permanent recruiting, temporary staffing and payroll management, Pivotal is your experienced, affordable and flexible competitive advantage.

“I have never seen a full HR program implemented in a company so quickly and so efficiently.”

Brian Currie

President and CEO, Administrative Assistants Limited (AAL)

“We believe it is a far better solution than an in-house HR function.”

Bruce Ireland

CEO, YMCA of Oakville

“They are a valuable partner in our business and have been reliable and accurate with payroll processing.  I would highly recommend their services.”

Cole Dolny

President, ASL Distribution Services Ltd.

“I would recommend PIVOTAL to colleagues and other businesses in a heartbeat.”

Frank Luengo

Program Manager Sonora Foods, Inc.

“Today, we view Pivotal as both a valued resource partner and as part of our management team.”

Rick Ekstein

President Weston Forest Group

“Approachable, understood our needs, worked with our strategies and our comfort levels.”

Sandra Conflitti


Your complete HR team

The axiom “Never hire someone who knows less than you do” — attributed to Malcom Forbes — is one of the key reasons many Canadian companies rely on the experts at Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions for solutions, implementation, supplementation, HR problem-solving, and full-service solutions.


When only awesome will do

Human Resources isn’t a thing you do. It’s what actually drives your business. This is where our 37 years of experience in recruiting makes a difference — because, only awesome will do.


A permanent solution to temporary

Many of our clients have relied on Pivotal for decades. Why? Though some of your staffing needs are temporary, your short-term HR professionals should be a permanent solution — a team who knows you, your needs, your risks.


Your peace-of-mind team

Nothing gives business managers the cold-sweats more than payroll management. Pivotal Payroll Mangement's 37 years of experience means unparalelled accuracy, punctuality, confidentiality — and the lowest possible risk. Because you deserve a little peace-of-mind.

Pivot with Pivotal

Be ready to pivot for every business opportunity with always-ready Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions.

Pivotal Leadership

37 years of leadership in HR solutions has taught us one critical lesson — even though we are low-profile, quietly fulfilling your needs — we are also "high touch." Many of our clients have relied on us for decades — simply because we are "part of the team" and deliver on our intimate understanding of our client's businsess.

Pivotal Responsiveness

"Our association started 17 years ago..." is not an uncommon testimonial for Pivotal. Our long history of satisfied clients can be attributed to our high-touch responsiveness. Whether our client needs one, some or all of our in-house capabilities, we pro-actively act as part of the team. We can be responsive, not only because of vast expertise — but,  because we take the time to get to know our client's needs.

Pivotal Uniqueness

Our mission is to provide resources that help our small to mid-size clients compete with large enterprise. Our unique model is to combine decades of expertise with custom solutions. We aspire to be the "unsung hero" — helping our clients quietly in the background. It's good to know that whenever you need anything related to HR — management, recruiting, temporary staff, or payroll — we're there for you.

Pivotal to your success

Your business probably pivots on competitive forces, or innovation, or customer needs. At Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, we pivot on only one point: your needs. It's Pivotal to your success.

Pivotal Resources

Time is one of the most valued resources in business. Small to mid-sized Canadian corporations can operate at a disadvantage. Simply put: lack of scale limits what an HR department should be able to deliver. Pivot with Pivotal — putting our 37 years of HR Management, at your disposal.

Pivotal Planning

Responsiveness goes only so far. Our 37 years of experience has shown us that it's important to work to a plan. Even for something as simple as an emergency temporary hire has goals, deadlines and options. Our planning expertise is one of the reasons our clients work with us for many years — thinking of us as part of their team.

Pivotal Results

If all you needed was a warm body in a chair, you don't need Pivotal. We're about results. Our first question — even for specialized services such as recruitment or temporary staffing — will be "What result do you consider awesome." Awesome results are what make pivotal moments in any business scenario.

Pivotal Fusion

We call it Pivotal Fusion. It can mean two things: integration of a custom mix of services from our teams, such as payroll management with recruiting; it also means Pivotal is adept at integrating with your own teams, filling in the gaps, become part of your team.

Pivotal Leaders

Steve Jobs once said, "I've never known an HR person who had anything but a mediocre mentality." This reputation, fair or not, stuck. Pivotal is all about doing everything that is NOT mediocre. Our clients stay with us for decades because they know we understand HR is mission-critical. Key to this is "high touch" responsiveness.

Pivotal Network

Connections do matter. To be responsive, we need to have access to resources quickly. To find the right mix of HR resources for your business needs — to facilitate your business pivots — you need a network. We've worked hard over nearly four decades building a network of experts for you.

Pivotal Reactive

A great resource brought late to the pivot-point is a lost opportunity. At Pivotal we know responsiveness is at least the equal of expertise. We spend our time getting to know your business, needs, gaps, opportunities and resources long before a critical pivot-point arises.

Pivotal Fidelity

It should go without saying, but it must not. To be a reliable contributor, even your external partners need to be committed to your success. We call it Pivotal Fidelity. We've quietly led in our industry for nearly four decades for this reason.

Pivotal's HR Blog

“Like most entrepreneurs Steve Jobs didn’t have a crystal ball. But he had mastered the art of the PIVOT.”

— Adam Penenberg, Fast Company—

"Steve Jobs famously combined "adaptability and intuition," which he coupled with a methodical approach to problem-solving"

No business can grow without pivoting with "data": client preferences pivots, value-capture pivots, technology pivots — and all of these rely on HR resources. To exploit your HR-driven business pivots, "Pivot with Pivotal."

Pivotal Group Benefits

Acquire and Retain Top Talent With A Well Managed and Attractive Group Benefit Package


As opportunities arise, and resources are needed: Pivot with Pivotal

Whether it's a chair to be filled, an entire HR implementation, or payroll management, the experts at Pivotal are ready to step in with flexible solutions.

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