Sourcing Canada’s Tech Talent without the high cost of freelance developers through EOR specialists

Many companies seek to employ tech freelancers, as they provide a low-risk solution to a hiring issue — albeit with a higher cost. While freelancers allow businesses to reduce costs without compromising on work quality, they come with their own set of issues; onboarding headaches, individual prices that can get […]

Can local Canadian companies also take advantage of EOR services in Canada?

While horizons and breaking into new markets stands as a testament to a company’s growth and adaptability. This endeavor, however exciting, is laden with complexities. One key aspect that presents challenges at every turn is human resource management, especially in a country as expansive and diverse as Canada. Historically, global […]

Hyper Growth Companies: Quick On-Ramp to EOR in Canada for Hiring the Best Team Without Costly Infrastructure

In today’s fast-paced global economy, “hypergrowth” is more than just business jargon for “fast growing.” It represents a transformative phase for startups—illustrative of their drive, determination, and the aspiration to scale mountains within fleeting timespans. With every such company on the hunt for fertile grounds to anchor their rapid expansions, […]

What is the REAL cost of hiring expert HR resources in Canada — aside from the salary; how an Employer of Record EOR can help

Expanding your business into Canada brings the promise of tapping into a diverse talent pool and enjoying the benefits of a stable economic environment. The Canadian landscape, renowned for its multicultural demographic and innovative spirit, presents a tantalizing prospect for businesses looking to diversify and expand. Naturally, this leads to […]

How to Source Top Sales Teams in the Canadian Market without Setting up a Local Entity or Company with an EOR Employer of Record

Venturing into the Canadian market — or expanding your reach in Canada — can promise rich opportunities and a competitive advantage for businesses, especially those looking to tap into a diverse and prosperous economy. One of the most pressing needs of such expansion is sourcing top-notch sales teams that understand […]

Why EORs and PEOs may be a Better Solution than Gig Engagements for Companies Expanding their Workforce Internationally

In today’s fast-paced global business landscape, organizations are increasingly facing the question of how best to expand their workforce while maintaining compliance, managing risk, and protecting their brand reputation. The rise of the gig economy has brought about new ways of operating, enabling businesses to leverage the talents of independent […]

Why EOR, Employer of Record, may be the solution for rapid scaling up in the Canadian Market

The modern business ecosystem has moved on from the hiring limitations of the past. Gone are the days when a business could only hire employees that could physically come into their workplace every working day; instead, the world serves as the new talent pool. The past several years have seen […]

Streamlining the Onboarding Process: How PEOs and EORs Can Help Companies Hire International Employees as Soon as 48 Hours

In today’s globalized business world, hiring international employees has become increasingly common for organizations looking to expand their operations and improve their competitiveness. However, hiring international staff members can also present various challenges, including: Navigating complex legal and regulatory requirements Setting up payroll Providing benefits Fortunately, some solutions can help […]

PEO or EOR: Which is Right for Your Business Plans in Canada?

The complex world of human resources can be daunting for businesses operating in Canada, especially when it comes to outsourcing HR functions. Two main models often considered by businesses are the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and the Employer of Record (EOR). In this feature, we map out a detailed comparison […]

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