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PEO Inquiries: 1-855-378-7987

EOR Inquiries: 800-901-3611

Regardless of the scope of your plans for expansion into Canada, we welcome an opportunity to chat about your PEO or EOR needs. Please call us or use the handy email form on this page to get us started on a proposal or recommendations for your specific needs. Let us know a little about your scope.

Do just have question? Use this form or call us, anytime! Thank you for your interest in Pivotal Solutions — Canada's number one HR Solution.

Request a Proposal for PEO or EOR Customized Solutions

Regardless of scope, Pivotal's PEO & EOR Solutions can be customized for quick ramp up for your entry into Canada. As Canada's number 1 HR Solution, with 4 decades of expertise, we can help you implement your growth plans to Canada. Let us know a little about your needs.

Which seems to match you needs?
Are you looking for a fast, low infrastructure solution to expansion into Canada? In this case, we can hire and manage your team under your direction. Or, do you have plans to operate a legl entity company within Canada, and just need support solutions? Please let us know, or give us a call to discuss!
Please tell us more about your needs
If you're not sure, or looking at different implementation ideas, we can help. Tick off any that apply.
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