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5 Ways a Recruiting Agency Can Help With Your Job Search

Many job seekers view a recruiting agency as a last resort. They think of a recruiting agency as a place to dump their resume, in the hopes of finding some temp work until they find a real job on their own. If you’ve ever thought this way about a recruiting agency, you’re missing out on a lot of services they offer.

Using a Scalpel Instead of a Hatchet

When you prepare your resume, you probably include everything that you think an employer would be interested in. However, every employer has different interests and needs. One thing they don’t need is another resume full of irrelevant information.

A recruiting agency deals with hundreds of companies, from every conceivable industry. They know exactly what employers are looking for. They can help you organize your resume, including information that is tailored to the industry, company, and specific position you’re looking for. Instead of standing out for its length, your resume will stand out for its relevance to their needs.

You Only Get One First Impression

The interview is a bad place to practice your improvisational skills. You need to be prepared, professional, and knowledgeable—not only about yourself, but also about the company and the role you’re seeking.

A recruiting agency conducts thousands of interviews a year. They are experts at finding out which candidates make the grade, and which don’t. They can arrange mock interviews for you, using the exact questions and criteria that they use to place candidates with the top businesses in the country. When it’s time for your real interview, you’ll be fully prepared to land your dream job.

How Do You Get Your Foot in a Closed Door?

You could be the perfect candidate for a position; but, if you can’t get an interview, all of your qualifications are for naught. Sending your resume doesn’t guarantee that anyone will read it. Until you sit down, face to face, with someone in charge of hiring, your odds of getting hired are pretty slim.

A recruiting agency has internal contacts who trust them to deliver high-quality candidates. Using their contacts, you can be assured that your resume will end up on a desk, instead of in a bin. Once the contacts see your resume, and how nicely it fits their needs, you have a much better chance of getting called for an interview.

When One Door Closes…

Sometimes, a dream job is just that—a dream. A recruiting agency can give you an objective overview of the positions you’re interested in. With the current economic climate, it’s possible that those “dream job” positions aren’t as promising as you think they are.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Even if your dream position is no longer tenable, or just needs to be put on hold for a while, a recruiting agency can help you evaluate your options. Using your education, training, and experience, they can help you identify other positions that you would be suited for.

Show Me the Money

Most new candidates undervalue themselves. While experienced candidates can price themselves out of the market. With economic fluctuations, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what a specific position is worth at a specific time. However, that’s something that a recruiting agency does every day. They evaluate the market, and determine what the price point is for every position. They’re in the business of filling those positions.

A recruiting agency can be a big help when you’re looking for new employment. Even if you don’t end up finding work through the agency, they can give you a ton of valuable assistance in your job search.

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