5 Ways a Temp Staffing Agency Can Help Increase Productivity for Special Projects

One of the best-kept business secrets is using a temp staffing agency to help with special projects. Special projects can do wonders for businesses. Sponsoring booths at trade shows, hosting charity events, expanding your business into new avenues, and reorganizing your office are all projects that can give your business a boost but are difficult to pull off without extra help. A temp staffing agency can supply that extra help, giving you the opportunity to pursue special projects without taxing your regular work force.

Take a look at the following five ways a temp staffing agency can help increase productivity for special projects.

1. Fresh Enthusiasm.

If your current employees have lost their enthusiasm for a project, bringing in some temp workers can give the project new life. New perspectives and ideas can rejuvenate the entire team, giving your project the boost it needs. Also, your regular employees may be tired of working on their regular jobs as well as the special project. By supplying them with extra help from a temp staffing agency, you will increase your regular employees’ productivity in addition to adding more productivity through your temp workers.

2. Immediate Help.

Special projects don’t always come when you’ve had time to prepare for them. Sometimes, opportunities present themselves that could give your company a boost–if you can pull them off in a short period of time. If you find yourself in this situation, go ahead and say “yes” to the project, knowing that a temp staffing agency can supply you with able, qualified workers to help you achieve your goals. A temp staffing agency can find workers for you immediately and send them to you ready to work and make your special project a success.

3. Flexibility.

Maybe your special project requires evening or weekend work, and your current employees don’t have the flexibility to cover all the hours required. A temp worker who prefers evenings and weekends may be the solution to your problem. If possible, have your temp workers help out with the project during regular work hours to get trained and familiar with your systems. Then, enjoy the scheduling flexibility available to you with the addition of temp workers.

4. Specialized Skills.

When your company takes on special projects, you may need the help of people with specialized skills that no one in your workforce currently has. A temp staffing agency can find a person with the skills you need who can help you for as long (or as short) as you need the person. A good temp staffing agency will test workers to learn about their abilities, so you can rest assured that the temp can handle the assignment.

5. Try On a New Size.

Sometimes, special projects can lead to a new arm of your business. For example, an interior design company may currently work with only residential customers, but a local hotel asks if the company is interested in working on one of their commercial projects. The owner of the interior design company is excited about the possibility of expanding into commercial projects but doesn’t know if the time is right for expansion. By using temporary workers, this owner could try out the new, larger size and see if the company is ready. If not, the temporary workers are just that: temporary. If it works out, however, nothing is lost, and the expansion can be pursued without hesitation.

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