Preparing for an Interview: Candidate Checklist

Job interviews are a lot like first dates.  There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression, and awkwardness or a lack of confidence can reflect quite poorly.  That is why preparing for the interview process in advance is essential for any candidate wishing to stand out amidst […]

The 3 Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Must Ask

In my experience a candidate’s answers to the questions listed below is a clear indication of their level of interest and commitment to the position.  A top-tier candidate will prepare for the interview by educating themselves on the position, the company and the industry; so these questions shouldn’t present a […]

12 Ways To Conduct A Great Interview

Six Pixels of Separation posted an informative list of 12 Ways To Conduct A Great Interview which is definitely worth a read before your next interview.  We all have our own interviewing styles, but it doesn’t hurt hearing someone else’s perspective.  Not to take away the post’s thunder, but I’ve included […]

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