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The Employer-Staffing Agency Relationship: Start Out on the Right Foot

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A temporary staffing agency can be a valuable time and resource-saving asset for an employer. That is why it’s critical to establish a good working relationship with the agency staff right from the beginning. Employers should think of the temporary staffing agency as an extension of their own HR staff. When the employer communicates openly and clearly with the staffing agency, the results are a combined synergy that makes everyone happy. Here are some ways that employers can help foster a beneficial relationship with their staffing agency representatives.

Understanding Your Needs Before Contacting the Agency

Many employers that are not satisfied with their temporary staffing experience, never took the time to write out detailed job descriptions for their positions. In order for a staffing agency to supply the best candidate, they need to know exactly what an employer wants. If the employer hasn’t taken the time to clearly evaluate their own needs, miscommunication often ensues. This is an important step even for positions which only require one day of work, such as a fill-in receptionist.

In writing the job description, the employer shouldn’t just focus on the job duties, although these are a critical component. They must also include other skills that would be beneficial, although not required. If a certain personality type is required, such as someone who can handle high-stress environments, employers should say so. Employers shouldn’t be afraid to put their business in a bad light. They should focus on providing the agency with all of the information needed to choose the right person for the job. This is even more important if the employer is considering a long-term placement or a temp-to-hire arrangement.

Defining Success Up-Front

Another area that employers should discuss with staffing agencies is what they consider a successful placement. Some employers simply need temp help to answer phones for a day. Others are looking for someone who can eventually become a part of their long-term team. Still, others want a skilled independent worker who can offer insight into the employer’s processes. By letting the agency know their plans up front, employers can ensure that they get a worker who also has those same long or short-term goals.

Providing Constructive Feedback

Staffing agencies crave constructive feedback and smart employers provide it regularly. When an employer interviews someone referred to them from the staffing agency, they should give the agency immediate feedback if the person isn’t a good fit. Employers must explain why they aren’t a good fit so that a candidate who better aligns with their needs can be selected next time. Similarly, when an agency properly identifies the perfect candidate, employers should let them know that too. Not only does it give the agency a sense of accomplishment, but it also gives them a better understanding of what that employer is looking for in future placements.

The employer-staffing agency relationship should be seen as mutually beneficial, not as a service that is being provided. By taking the time to fully support the needs of the temporary staffing agency, employers will establish a relationship that will continue to benefit them for years to come.


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