Reduce Overtime with Temporary Staff

Temporary staffing is a valuable option to employers for many reasons. With overtime expenses that can nearly double personnel costs the ability to reduce overtime expenses by utilizing temporary workers is among the most attractive. And there are many ways in which employers manage overtime expenses through the use of temporary labor.

Manage Peak Production

Many businesses see periodic peaks in demand for their products or services, some even seasonally. By using temporary workers to staff their peak production times employers are afforded the flexibility to increase production without working employees extra hours, reducing overall personnel costs. These kinds of planned increases in production can easily be communicated to a staffing agency, allowing them to plan accordingly. In some cases the same temporary staff can be employed on a recurring basis, reducing training needs and assimilation time required of most new hires.

An additional benefit to employing temporary staff to reduce overtime is the reduction in stress to permanent employees. Recurring stress due to an increased workload can lead to burn-out of employees and an increase in employee errors. Errors can be individually costly but replacing burnt out employees can cost an employer time and productivity as well.

Meet Project Demands

Individual projects occasionally require overtime of employees to meet specific deadlines. Most of those overtime expenses can be limited by employing temporary workers to fill the gap in addition to getting the job done quicker. Though many businesses fall short when anticipating short term project needs, temporary staff can be utilized to cover demand in areas such as administrative or clerical functions, warehouse duties, or even skilled traits like plumbing and electrical. By aligning with a staffing agency capable of meeting that demand employers can cut costs while accepting those jobs that create short term headaches with long term growth.

Cover Absences and Vacations

Overtime isn’t always the result of business growth. When an employee takes a vacation or calls in sick someone has to fill the void and it is often at the expense of paying overtime to current employees. Employers with good staffing agency relationships can fill their vacation and sick day shortages with temporary staff at a fraction of the cost.

Overtime is a term often associated with positive growth results for a business but with the negative of increased expenses and a lower bottom line. However, using temporary staff can reduce those expenses while allowing a business to grow, meeting both their customer’s goals as well as their own.

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