Staffing and Recruitment Agencies Net Positive ROI

The process of adding a new employee is a costly one by itself.  Handling staffing and recruitment evaluations in-house involve spending valuable resources devoted to a process that may be somewhat foreign to company personnel when those resources and time could be spent adding to the bottom line instead.  But outsourcing those facets to a staffing and recruitment agency also involves costs incurred by placement fees.

The real question is whether utilizing the services of staffing and recruitment agencies equate to a positive return on investment.  In short, the answer is yes.  The reason is because hiring the right candidate can add great value to a company where bringing on the wrong candidate adds unnecessary costs involved with recurring human resource costs, duplicating the training process, and lost revenue opportunities.

Bigger Talent Pool

Staffing and recruitment agencies boast much larger pools of talent to pull qualified candidates from than individual employers can expect to duplicate.  The fact that agencies recruit on a recurring basis and thoroughly understand the process of finding top talent in specific fields only supports this point.

Staffing and recruitment agencies also have the knowledge base and skills necessary to find ideal candidates for extremely unique positions.  Perhaps the biggest difference in choosing between in-house recruitment and outsourcing the recruitment function is that, these agencies have both the resources and experience required to find that ideal person for even the most tightly constrained of employment searches.

Screening and Assessments

Another unique aspect of utilizing the services of staffing and recruitment agencies is the availability of their screening and assessment testing.  Much more involved than initial interviews, recruiters have the tools in place to verify previous employment, screen qualifications, and evaluate skill sets prior to any employer contact with a candidate.

Upon completion of the initial phase, staffing and recruitment agencies put candidates through a set of tests and verbal assessments to qualify skills.  It is at this point in the process that an applicant’s suitability for a given position is qualified.  The screening and assessment phase guarantees that employers interview only the most highly qualified candidates, saving employers valuable time and money.


Reviewing potential employees and assessing their compatibility with employers is all that staffing and recruitment agencies do and, as such, they are experts in their field.  They are aware of the pitfalls that employers seek to avoid in the hiring process and know the ropes when it comes to identifying diamonds in the rough.  It is that kind of experience that makes the difference between a great, long-term employee and one that continually fails to meet expectations.

Staffing and recruitment agencies possess the experience and skills necessary to pair employers with a number of talented interviewees, ensuring the work experience and skill sets of those candidates meet with employer requirements.  Utilizing these resources offered by recruitment agencies provides employers with the best opportunity to make a great hiring decision, reducing their own time in the process and the resources expended to do so, versus the chances of repeating it all due to hiring the wrong person initially themselves.

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