Temporary Workers are Reliable

Amongst many employers the general notion when it comes to temporary workers is that, while accessible and convenient, they lack a level of reliability required in many positions. This idea has undoubtedly sprung from isolated experiences some employers have had and seemingly has taken on a life of its own ever since.  The truth of the matter is actually quite different.  While any candidate, temporary or permanent, has the potential to disappoint temporary workers are actually quite reliable and have, in many instances, actually proven to be more reliable than their permanent counterparts.

Job Security

Temporary workers are generally accustomed to their less-than-permanent status and don’t enjoy the job security permanent employment offers.  Security within the temp world requires a measure of faith and the kind of positive performance reviews that only consistent effort and goal attainment can achieve.  Where poor performance or repeated tardiness from a permanently employed worker may result in minor disciplinary action a temporary worker demonstrating the same can generally expect to be terminated.

Temp-to-Permanent Motivation

Many temporary workers get hired permanently by employers following a successful trial period, but not if they perform poorly or are unreliable.  Temporary workers looking to gain traction with an employer are well aware of this and must outperform expectations in order to prove their worth.  Additionally, once temporary workers obtain permanent employment they’ve already become entrenched in their work habits and are less likely to disappoint in the future.  Temp-to-permanent hiring practices are a motivator unique to the temporary workforce that can prove a candidate’s reliability while offering a smooth transition to employers.

Additional Layers of Supervision

The common misconception about temporary workers is that they don’t have a full-time employer.  The truth is that the staffing agencies that place them are responsible for their performance and, as a result, provide additional layers of supervision.  An unreliable worker in a permanent placement usually has a single supervisor reviewing their performance where temporary workers have two.  Poor attendance, repeated tardiness or lackluster work habits are much more likely to be scrutinized under temporary status.

Temporary workers are amongst the most highly scrutinized in the workplace.  Their reliability and performance are highly visible and examined by not only managers within their temporary placement but also by the staffing agency they are placed by.  But temporary workers are motivated by employment potential and develop good work habits that shine through in their performance.  The result is a reliable and professional worker.

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