Are Temps A Staffing Solution For Your Company?

Temporary staffing used to be viewed as just that – temporary. Not any more. These days temporary employees are being sought for their skills and aptitudes in various fields. Permanent employees leave for other jobs, or fall ill, or go away on leave. Temp staff can not only fill these short-term gaps, but can also be relied upon for extended periods of time.

scrabble strategyChanges in the roles of temporary employees
Temporary staff can be hired nowadays for highly specific jobs, for various departments and for longer periods of time. Temporary employees used to be viewed as just for roles that required a lower skill set. But now they are available for highly skilled vocations, as well. Financial accountants, lawyers, nurses, and even scientists are just some of the specialized areas temporary workers can work in very efficiently.

There are many advantages of using temps as a staffing solution:

Unexpected or seasonal requirements

In situations when regular staff are unable to come to work because of illness or unforeseen circumstances, temps can ensure that your company does not experience any problems and that work processes continue uninterrupted. During times with higher workloads, adding temp workers can help ensure that your existing workers are not overloaded, and that seasonal demands can be met while still maintaining the high quality of your service or product and providing an excellent customer experience.

Finding the perfect employee

When you have a specific requirement, hiring can often be rushed. This means that you often end up hiring a person that might not be best suited for the position. Employing a temporary worker in the role gives you the time to continue your search until you have found the employee you need. If the temporary worker filling the vacancy turns out to be the most suitable candidate, you can always change their status from temporary to permanent.

Cost efficiency with Temp Staffing

Hiring a temporary worker can often be more cost efficient. When you hire a temporary worker, the agency providing the worker is responsible for ensuring that the employee fits your company’s needs. They also take care of workers’ compensation, and other statutory benefits.

Expertise not available in your company

A temporary employee can bring a specialized skill set to your company that is required for certain projects, but not present in any of your current employees. Temporary employees, because of their experience and training, need less orientation than a permanent employee. This attribute helps to save time when you have an urgent requirement. Temporary employees also bring a fresh perspective to the work place, as they have worked in many companies before and they have more varied experience.

According to the American Staffing Association in 2011 there were over 2.8 million temporary workers employed every day in the US, and 58% of companies intend to hire temporary workers in the future, a number that is expected to increase. Temporary workers are a great way to solve your staffing challenges.

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