5 Reasons to Retain a Temp Staffing Agency

In the world of business you need to be prepared for the unexpected. With this in mind, let’s look at 5 advantages that can be gained by retaining a temp staffing agency.

Prevents You from Becoming Over or Understaffed

The reality with operating a business is that at times your employees will get sick, take maternity leave or will have to take a leave of absence for other personal or family reasons. Your company may also experience seasonal increases of productivity or may take on short term projects. One option is to ask your current employees to pick up the slack. That option is short-sighted and can lead to the following potential issues:


  • Paying unnecessary overtime
  • Increased workload can cause your employees to become overtired and irritable
  • Negative impact on employee morale
  • Overtired and overworked employees are also more likely to make costly mistakes


The other option is to hire permanent staff to cover for short term absences. This can lead to your company becoming overstaffed. Underworked employees can become sluggish and unmotivated. Being overstaffed can also lead to layoffs. Not only is there the costs associated with having to pay termination pay, but this can have an adverse impact on employee morale as well.

Instead of becoming over or understaffed you can retain a temp staffing agency. They will provide you with the flexibility of having access to a pool of qualified workers when you need them.

Helps You Cover Unpopular Shifts

Is it hard to find employees who are willing to work the midnight shifts? Are there any other shifts that are unpopular with your employees?  A temp staffing agency can provide you with qualified employees who are able to cover these types of shifts.

This will allow your permanent workers to work at times when they are most productive. This will in turn improve employee morale. Using temp workers to cover these types of shifts will also make it easier to recruit new employees.

Provide You with Industry Experience and Knowledge

Partnering with the right temp staffing agency will provide you with a great source of market intelligence. Because of their extensive industry experience they will have insider info concerning the availability of job candidates, developing trends and current wages. This insight will help you stay ahead of the curve on current trends and it will help your company to develop an effective retention strategy.

Temp Workers are Employees of the Temp Staffing Agency

Because temp workers are employees of the temp staffing agency they will look after the following on your behalf:


  • Will ensure that all temp workers comply with the Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations
  • Handle all required source deductions per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Will look after the paying of all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) premiums


Because of your temp staffing agency properly looking after these legal procedures this will avoid any costly fees should you be audited and/or fined by the CRA, MOL or WSIB.

Save Time and Money on Advertising, Recruiting and Interviewing

There is a significant investment of time and money involved with advertising, recruiting and interviewing for open positions. When looking to cover a few shifts the process is not only expensive,  but it is not really feasible. Retaining a temp staffing agency will save you this time and money as they are responsible for these activities and costs.

These are just a few of the many reasons why retaining a temp staffing agency makes sense. With their flexible options you will be able to adapt to any short term issues without negatively impacting your productivity or bottom line.

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