How Temporary Staffing Agencies Work

It is possible that you are already using a temp staffing agency. If that is the case you are already aware of the numerous benefits that come from working with an agency.  What you may not be fully aware of is what takes place behind the scenes.

How do temporary staffing agencies work? Understanding how your temp firm works will give you a greater appreciation for the amount of hard work involved in making it easy for you to have your temporary staffing needs met.

The Recruiting and Hiring Process

Temporary staffing agencies have a number of ways that they get applicants. They include:


  • Some are recruited directly by the agency
  • Some are referred to the agency
  • Some walk in to the temp staffing firm looking for work


Once the temp staffing firm becomes aware of the applicant they now begin an extensive screening process. This process would include a thorough background check and a checking of all references. This exhaustive process would include verifying the following:


  • The applicant’s identity
  • The applicant’s education and work history
  • The applicant’s immigration status


With a reputable temporary staffing agency you can have confidence that no short cuts are taken. All of these steps are performed prior to starting the interview process.

The interview process is also a very involved process. Applicants are often interviewed more than once. Potential job candidates are given a series of skill assessments. This process helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

The particular experience and skills of successful candidates will be meticulously entered into a database. This makes it easy for the temporary staffing agency to find the best possible fit for each open position.

Large Pool to Draw From

When a short term staffing need arises all you need to do is contact your temporary staffing agency. By letting the temp firm know what job position you are looking for, along with any needed experience and skills, they can find the right fit from their extensive database of qualified workers.

A temp staffing agency has a large pool of temporary workers to draw from. This will help you to fill positions, even on a moment’s notice. Even if one of your employees calls in sick at the last minute, the agency generally can find a qualified worker who can come in and seamlessly help fill your company’s needs.

Help You Care For Special Projects

There will be occasions where you will know in advance that there will be a need for additional staff to care for special projects or seasonal increases of productivity. By contacting your temporary staffing agency ahead of time will allow you to work with the temp firm in creating a customized profile. From there, the agency can get a good jump on the recruiting process. Once the project is ready to start, you will have a large pool of qualified temps who have been hand-selected to care for your company’s needs.

Lightening the Human Resources Burden

Temporary staffing agencies also work as an adjunct to your Human Resources department. They save you considerable time and money by looking after the hiring and recruiting process for your temporary workers. They will also handle any potential issues and concerns that any temp workers may face.

Understanding how a temporary staffing agency works not only heightens your appreciation for the hard work they do, but it also helps to know how you can get the most out of your temp agency.

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