How a Temp Staffing Agency's Flexible Staffing Option Can Save You Money

Finding qualified employees to fill your company needs can be one of your biggest challenges. This can become even more challenging when looking for individuals to fill short term employment needs. This is where a temp staffing agency comes in.

Here are four ways the flexible options of a temp staffing agency can help your company save money on:

  1. Advertising, recruiting and interviewing
  2. Training
  3. Scheduling overtime
  4. Being under-staffed

1. Cost of Advertising, Recruiting and Interviewing

When looking for employees there are numerous costs connected with advertising, recruiting and interviewing. You can reduce or eliminate these costs by using a temp staffing agency and benefit from their resources to fill your short term employment needs.

Not only can the hiring process be an expense, but when you are looking for qualified employees to cover just a few shifts, placing ads and interviewing yourself may not be feasible. A temp staffing agency can help with covering one or two shifts.

2. Cost of Training

There can be considerable costs involved with training. When an employee is only covering a few shifts you can’t afford a huge investment of time and money. You need employees that can quickly step in and fill your needs.

This is where a temp staff agency comes in. Through pre-screening and sourcing they have a database of job candidates that have the desired skills that you are looking to fill. Because these candidates already have the prerequisite skills, they can seamlessly fill a temporary position with little training.

3. Cost of Overtime

A temp staffing agency can help address situations which can leave a company under-staffed for a period. These include:


  • maternity leave
  • sickness
  • family situations
  • seasonal increases in workload


When faced with these situations, companies will sometimes pay employees overtime to compensate for the increased workload. Not only is there the increased costs of having to pay overtime, but you need to consider some of the less obvious costs. When an employee is overworked they are more likely to become irritable and tired. This will make them less productive, which can have a direct bearing on your bottom line. By making use of a temp staffing agency, you can avoid having to pay the costs associated with overtime.

4. Cost of Being Under-staffed

When under-staffed, a company may choose to delegate short term tasks among existing employees with everyone being required to complete these additional tasks within the allotted time.

On the surface that approach may appear to save money, but such a view is short-sighted, and can cost a company due to:


  • certain key tasks not getting completed
  • employees with an increased workload and are more likely to make mistakes
  • employee morale suffering


Any of these circumstances can negatively impact your company’s profitability. But using a temp staffing agency provides flexibility not otherwise possible to keep your organization’s productivity at maximum efficiency, while simultaneously reducing your costs.

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