The 5 Essential Steps to Successfully Hiring a Temporary Worker

Hiring the wrong temporary worker can be just as harmful as being short-staffed. Even with using a temp staffing agency, mistakes can still happen. Let’s look at five essential steps to successfully hiring a temporary worker.

Ensure That the Temporary Worker Can Legally Work In Canada

The employing of an illegal temporary worker could lead to costly fines in the event of a Ministry of Labour audit. You would also do well to consider the damage to the reputation of your company if the news of you using illegal temporary workers got reported on by the media. If this news becomes public knowledge to your permanent employees this could also have an adverse impact on company morale. A low billing rate from your temp staffing agency could be a potential warning sign that they are employing temps that are not legally able to work in Canada.

Verify the Skills and Employment Background of the Temporary Worker

This is an area where you want to have confidence that the temp staffing agency that you are using is properly performing its screening process. This process would include making sure that there are no legal issues, and that the applicant is who they say there are. This will help prevent possible identity theft.

Also included in the screening process is the checking of employment references. This will help verify their employment background. It will also help verify their skills and their interactions with former management and employees. Performing due diligence during the screening process will help prevent unwanted surprises when hiring a temporary worker.

Know the Needs of Your Company

It is difficult to hire the right temporary worker if you have no idea of what kind of worker you are looking for. Here are some examples of the questions that would be good to consider:


  • What types of skills are we looking for?
  • What types of work experience and educational background do we desire?
  • How did the applicant perform their assigned tasks at their previous places of employment?


Your temp staffing agency can only know what you are looking for in a temporary worker, when you know and clearly communicate this to the agency.

Understand the Company’s Culture

An individual could be a good worker, but still be the wrong fit for your company. It really does not make a difference how skilled a temporary worker is if they are unable to fit in with your company’s culture.

When considering hiring a temporary worker here are some sample questions to consider:


  • How well does the temp work with others?
  • Are they able to accept and follow direction from their supervisors?
  • Can they adapt to various working environments?


Once you have a clear understanding of your company culture you can communicate that to your temp staffing agency. If they have a clear understanding they will be able to help you hire temporary workers that are the right fit.

Communicate Well With Your Temp Staffing Agency

Communication is the most essential step in successfully hiring a temporary worker. The temp staffing agency needs to clearly understand the needs of your company. They need to understand the company’s culture. They need to understand any concerns that may come up. If the agency seems to be unresponsive to your needs, that could be a warning sign you are dealing with the wrong agency.

By following these five essential steps you will be able to successfully hire temporary workers who are the right fit for your company.

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