The Midyear Review Takes On More Weight

Well its about that time of year again to start midyear reviews, and though its been more an informal check-in event for most companies, a few are changing things up.  In the BusinessWeek article, The Midyear Review Takes On More Weight, they explore how some companies are making adjustments to the process as a result of the current economic conditions.

For example, P&G is using the process to review achievements rather that just focus on areas in need of improvement.  Employees have been through a lot already this year, so turning things around to be motivational could be really beneficial to keep your A-team players.  They’re also using the time to reset goals and expectations to better reflect what can be done in this environment.

Of course, some companies will be using this time to document poor performers and set the stage for more furloughs.  What are your plans for midyear reviews?

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