How Temp Staffing Agencies Support Just-in-Time Staffing

One of the biggest challenges of running a company is striking the right balance in terms of staffing. Sometimes you need more workers sometimes you need less. We will now consider how temp staffing agencies support just-in-time staffing.

Temp Staffing Agencies Provides You with Temporary Workers the Moment You Need Them

There are a number of situations which could cause your company to be understaffed for a time. These include the following:


  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Illness or Injury  sickness
  • Family or personal matters
  • Short-term projects
  • Temporary increase in workload


In these situations the flexibility provided by temp staffing agencies is the ideal solution. You will have access to the temporary workers you need when you need them. With no notice you can just simply place a call to the agency and they will bail you out with their just-in-time staffing solutions.

Temp Staffing Agencies Help Cut Down On the Cost of Overtime

One major benefit that comes from the just-in-time staffing provided by temp staffing agencies is that it cuts down on the need to pay unnecessary overtime to your permanent staff. Along with reducing the monetary costs, reducing the scheduling of overtime has the following benefits:


  • Reduces mistakes caused by overworked and tired employees
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduces the potential for injury caused by overtired employees


Instead of having to pay out overtime you can rely on temp staffing agencies to provide you with the needed workers to help take on any extra workload.

Tapping the Well Before It Runs Dry

There are times when employee’s absences are unexpected. In those situations you can call your temp staffing agency and they will help you out on short notice. That being said, often you can foresee ahead of time when you will be understaffed. For example, you may know months in advance that an employee is going to be taking maternity/paternity leave. You would also know ahead of time what times of the year are busier, or if there are any special projects. Temp staffing agencies can better help you with just-in-time staffing if your needs are communicated well in advance. This would be especially the case if you are looking to fill a more specialized position.

This is just a small sampling of how temp staffing agencies will provide you with just-in-time staffing solutions. They will provide the help you need, when you need it. When you no longer need the help you just return the temps to the agency. This flexibility will cut costs and improves productivity while looking after your short term staffing needs.

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