Labour Challenges Resolved by Temp Staffing Agencies


Labour Challenges Resolved by Temp Staffing Agencies
There are numerous labour-related challenges that a company faces. These challenges could be related to the following:


  • Having sufficient staff
  • Human resources (HR) related issues
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Labour laws


Temp staffing agencies can help with addressing these issues. Within these areas we will now consider some specific examples of labour challenges that can be resolved by temp staffing agencies.

Becoming Over/Understaffed

The reality is that there will be times when you find yourself understaffed. Trying to make due with a reduced staff can present the following concerns:


  • Important tasks not getting done
  • Overworked employees becoming irritable and tired
  • Adverse effect on company morale
  • Adverse effect on your employee retention rate


Another approach would be to hire permanent staff to care for temporary needs. The downfall to this approach is that it can lead to your company becoming overstaffed. Becoming overstaffed can result in increased termination costs in connection with layoffs. Temp staffing agencies help you to resolve these challenges by providing you with “just-in-time” staffing options. They provide you with the help you need, when you need it. When you no longer need it, you just simply return the temp worker back to the agency.


Employee Discipline

A company’s HR department plays a key role in addressing a variety of labour issues. One major labour issue that they may have to deal with is the area of administering employee discipline. Potential areas requiring discipline action would include:


  • Insubordination
  • Ongoing and excessive issues with punctuality/un-notified absences
  • Abusive language or behaviour within the working environment
  • Repeated failure to observe health and safety regulations along with any other company polices
  • Dishonesty/theft


In resolving these labour challenges temporary staffing agencies serve as an important extension of the HR department. Because temporary workers are employees of the agency, temp staffing agencies will be the ones responsible for dealing with any discipline. All you have to do is return the temp to the agency. That being said, it is important that you clearly communicate any issues. Appropriate disciplinary action cannot be taken if your temp staffing agency is not aware of the issue.

Responsive temp staffing agencies that observe all the employment standards (ESA) when disciplining their employees gives you the assurance that there will be no ramifications reflected back to your company because of improper discipline procedures.


Compliance with Legal and Safety Procedures

Temp staffing agencies have the following obligations in connection with their temporary workers:


  • Comply with any Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) requirements, such as the paying of all premiums on behalf of all of their workers
  • Provide you with a WSIB “Clearance Certificate” every 90 days to confirm compliance
  • Observe all Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations, such as making sure all workers can legally work in Canada
  • Pay all of their temps at least the minimum wage
  • Observe any requirements set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)


Temp staffing agencies properly observing all legal procedures will resolve any potential issues which could result from a WSIB, MOL or CRA audit.

The labour challenges we discussed are just a small sample of how temp staffing agencies can help you resolve many potential labour issues.

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