5 Benefits of Employing Temporary Workers

The flexibility of using temporary workers will help your company to successfully adapt to the ever evolving business landscape. We will consider the following five benefits which come from employing temporary workers:

  1. Help when you need it
  2. Cover unpopular shifts
  3. Test out areas of expansion
  4. Try before you buy
  5. Temporary workers are employees of the temp staffing agency

Help When You Need It

The reality of the business world is that there will be times when you are faced with unexpected staff shortages. People get sick, go on maternity/paternity leave, deal with family issues, etc… On top of that there will also be times when your company may face a short term increase in production. Being understaffed can create a number of issues such as the following:


  • Employees becoming stressed out
  • Negative impact on company morale
  • Contribute to an increased turnover rate
  • Increased costs associated with paying overtime


Employing temporary workers is the ideal solution for dealing with these issues. You bring in the workers when you need them. Once you no longer need them you can then return them to the temp staffing agency. This will also prevent you from becoming overstaffed which can lead to issues such as potential layoffs.

Cover Unpopular Shifts

Temporary workers can also be used to cover unpopular shifts, such as the midnight shift. This will allow your full time staff to work a set schedule. This will lead to the following benefits:


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Helps with recruiting new employees


Employing temporary workers to help cover unpopular shifts will allow you to schedule your employees at times when they are most productive. Also, since midnight and weekend shifts can be deal breakers for some, using temps can become an important part of both your recruiting and retention strategy.

Test out Areas of Expansion

There are a number of risks associated with expansion. Employing temporary workers greatly reduces those risks. If the expansion doesn’t work out as you plan, you can simply return the temps back to the temp staffing agency. This will prevent you from becoming overstaffed.

Try Before You

Giving a temporary worker a test run before you offer them a permanent position can prevent you from being stuck with dead weight. Having employees that are not the right fit can sink your bottom line and have a negative impact on the company culture and employee morale.

Employing temporary workers will also prevent termination costs which could result if a permanent employee doesn’t work out. If the temp works out you offer them a position, if they don’t you return them to the temp staffing agency. It is that simple.

Temporary Workers are Employees of Temp Staffing Agency

One of the biggest benefits of employing temporary workers is that they are employees of the temp staffing agency. This gives you increased flexibility. If you no longer require the services of a temp you can just return them to the agency. This will greatly reduce the costs of severance that is associated with termination and layoffs.

Because temporary workers are employees of the temp staffing agency it is also the agency’s responsibility to comply with all WSIB regulations. This will greatly reduce the costs/risks in connection with termination and WSIB claims.

By considering just five of the benefits that come from employing temporary workers you can see clearly how an investment in temp staffing will allow you to adapt to the continually evolving world of business.

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