HRIS for Employee Engagement and Culture

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is much more than just efficient software for workforce planning.  An effective HRIS delivers self-empowering tools that elevate employee engagement; an integral part of a maintaining a more productive and satisfying workplace culture.

A “desirable” workplace culture has many defining traits that inspire employee engagement. HRIS technology plays a vital role in inspiring engagement by:


  • Enabling better communication and information sharing with integrated features such as : company blogs, real-time polls, surveys and help desk
  • Improving  access and visibility to key organizational metrics critical for evaluating and planning
  • Delivering functionality that enables more productive and collaborative processes such as: goal setting, performance evaluations, absence management and employee direct access


An HRIS must provide intuitive tools that enhance user experience while promoting the desire to comply with process, communicate and collaborate more willingly.

Empowering managers and employees with self-service is a prime benefit of any HRIS strategy. The ability to “self-serve” to manage basic information like employee profiles or to request and track absences promotes employee engagement based on empowerment and productivity value. Cumbersome or paper intensive processes leave employees feeling less engaged to comply and may even detract from an otherwise positive corporate culture.

An HRIS that provides intuitive, user friendly tools for every day processes is an extension of a progressive “employee first” corporate culture and can positively impact an employee’s perception of their company’s culture and values. Most importantly, though it makes work life a lot more productive and satisfying!

Consider the positive impact that a progressive, technology enabled workplace has on employee engagement compared to an organization that doesn’t.  Engaged employees are proven to be more productive, connected to the goals of the business and more likely to stay with an organization.

Technology like that of an HRIS plays a key role in any progressive organization`s strategy to enhance corporate culture and promote employee engagement.

Does your organization use HRIS? Share your experiences with us.

This is a guest post by Fred Leith, VP at Onyva Canada, a provider of a complete suite of Human Resource Management Software Solutions (HRMS). 

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