Benefits of Using a Professional Staffing Firm

Professional staffing firms focus their attention exclusively on placing the best candidates with appropriate employers.  In doing so they offer important benefits to employers aside from supplementing the direct hiring processes.  A good staffing partner can prove a valuable resource and long-term business relationship, providing insight into labor trends, local market activities and even industry-specific information that employers may not have directly available to them.  Below are some additional benefits to using a professional staffing firm.


Working with a professional staffing firm allows an employer the flexibility to bring on staff on a temporary or part-time basis, reserving decisions on full-time employees for when they are best for the business, not just a necessary component of finding qualified workers.  This flexibility can also provide opportunities not commonly found in direct hiring, such as the ability to add highly qualified staff on a temporary basis to fill seasonal needs or meet short-term demand increases.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring the wrong employee can be detrimental to not only an employer’s productivity but also the bottom line as re-hiring and training are costly endeavors.  By utilizing a professional staffing firm a company can limit their exposure to such expenses as staffing agencies will invest the time to screen applicants to ensure the best match.  The additional option to hire on a contingent or temporary basis through a staffing firm limits employer exposure to short-term liabilities as well as costs associated with benefits, however, if the right temporary employee is “discovered” during their assignment at an employers’ workplace, what better way to recruit a permanent employee than one who knows you and you know them!  In short, professional staffing agencies allow employers to focus their energies on what they are best at.


Many employees receive training as part of their association with professional staffing agencies.  This training, which costs nothing to employers, allows prospective employees to enhance their skill sets or acquire new ones, assuring competency and productivity out of employees and reducing costs to employers that may need to provide such training themselves in lieu of using a professional staffing firm.

HR Expertise

Most employers are experts in their given field but not necessarily experts in the hiring process or matters relating to human resources.  Professional staffing agencies provide an unparalleled level of expertise in both as those are the primary focuses of staffing practices.  The ability to find the most highly qualified candidates, screen and assess their abilities and knowledge and then process that information in making the best employee placements enables employers to focus efforts on every day business, knowing that their human capital needs are in capable hands.

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