WSIB Workwell Audits. Do You Know the Requirements and Potential Financial Impacts?

wsib neer statement penalty surchargeHave you received a WISB Workwell Audit notice yet? If you had lost time work related injuries/claims that resulted in a WSIB surcharge in the past year or 2, you may be in line for a WSIB WORKWELL audit.

You might not know what a WORKWELL Audit is but you’ve probably already guessed that being audited is not a good thing. A WORKWELL Audit is over 40 pages of very specific health and safety expectations, with an all or none scoring system. That doesn’t sound fun, does it?

There is a heavy focus on documentation relating to hazard identification, training, written safe operating procedures, and executive/upper management involvement in safety. Each page of items is worth a specific score and a total score of 75% or more is required to pass. The fine is up to $500,000, or 75% of the companies WSIB premiums; if you are a large company with large WSIB premiums, then your fine could be substantial!

The majority of companies in Ontario that are audited fail the audit the first time. The company is given six months to improve and then is re-audited. If everything has been done and the score is 75% or higher then a fine is not levied. If the score remains under 75% then the company is fined. That can dramatically affect your bottom line, especially if you were unprepared and had not accrued the money.

Don’t wait until you receive a notice of an upcoming audit! If you have been in a WSIB NEER surcharge then you need to start preparing by reviewing and determining if enhancing your existing health and safety program is needed.

Take a look at what is required in a WORWELL AUDIT. (Here is a link to download the latest version of the audit: WORWELL AUDIT

After reading it, if you don’t think you can pass, start on the highest risk items first and set a schedule to get something on the audit done every couple of weeks. The last thing you need is to be “hit with an audit” just as your peak season starts when you cannot afford time out for the extensive training and documentation that is required to pass.

If you are using any contractors, such as a temporary staffing agency, you need to be sure their employees are also receiving the necessary health and safety training. While they are on your property you are responsible for their safety, just as you are for your own employees. Part of the audit includes a full contractor safety program to be in place. Have you checked what health and safety training your contractor / temporary staff from your Temporary Staffing Agency have received? Did your supplier of contractors/temporary staffing provide a current WSIB clearance certificate confirming they have paid their WSIB premiums? The certificate is only good for 90 days.

The December WSIB NEER statement arrived mid February. Have you spoken to your controller or CFO to determine if you are at risk? Is your NEER performance Index between a 1 and 4? How was it in previous years? You may want to have that discussion now, so you are not surprised!

Follow this link: Claims Management, and download a copy of this company’s story.  Are you in the same situation?

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