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News: Excelerated Business Strategies Workshops

To kick off 2011, today we launched Excelerated Business Strategies Workshops just in time as businesses are in the midst of business planning.  In a similar fashion as sales and marketing strategies are part of the planning, HR strategies are also being developed for the rest of the year.  The new workshops are designed to help current Executives and Managers improve their profitability and employee engagement by learning HR strategies organizations can implement to overcome business challenges while retaining key staff.

We have developed and taught over 40+ topics including:

  • Improving Human Return on Investment
  • Leadership
  • Retention Strategies
  • Adding Value Through Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Termination Training
  • Issues Surrounding Unionization
  • Organizational Culture Alignment
  • Strategic Planning

For more information on the Excelerated Business Strategies Workshops and how to book your training session please visit our official Excelerated Business Strategies Workshops page.

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