Expediency is Key to the Recruitment Process

There are many key factors involved in the recruitment process.  But none are more important than that of expediency throughout all phases.  Keeping a focus on those aspects that benefit all parties, both employer and employee, makes for the successful placement of candidates and profitable relationships.

The process should be made to feel simple, putting both parties at ease with the decisions being made and the time frame within those outcomes are determined.  Neglect of those concepts on either side of the equation can result in poor hiring decisions, wasted efforts and the erosion of confidence.


Hiring firms have one key goal within the recruitment process, that being the drive to find only the most highly qualified candidates within the predefined parameters.  Expediency within the process requires the recruiting agency to thoroughly evaluate the requirements of the position, take into account company cultural factors within the workplace that affect successful placement and the time frame within a hiring decision needs to be made.  By assessing those needs and the influences in play a recruiter makes informed decisions designed to limit client exposure to candidates not fitting all criteria and putting hiring managers’ minds at ease that the best possible outcomes of the recruitment process will be accomplished.


When a candidate walks into the office of a recruiter the goals are very simple, to secure suitable employment.  The recruitment process provides candidates with the peace of mind that professionals are working in the prospective employees’ best interests to eliminate unnecessary interviews, assess qualifications and skills to determine best employment fit and secure job offers, meeting their professional goals and fiscal needs.  A recruitment process solely focused on the employer’s needs can result in unhappy candidates and unsuccessful placements, wasting time and money for both parties.

The value provided by professionals within the recruitment process is that expediency is provided to both employers and job candidates.  By tapping into their very specific talents, recruiters ensure the best possible employment fit for job seekers and the successful pairing of skills, qualifications, and personal attributes within potential candidates for hiring organizations.  Throughout the recruitment process the needs of all parties are closely considered with regard to the value of their time, minimizing wasted efforts and maximizing the returns.  The results are a favorable outcome for all involved in the recruiting and hiring process with productive workers and profitable returns for employers and beneficial employment for job seekers.

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