Common Misconceptions About Using a Temp Staffing Agency

If you’ve been thinking about using a temp staffing agency, you’ve probably been checking to make sure they’re a good investment. You may have talked to friends and family, asked business colleagues, and even searched on the internet. The problem is, there’s a lot of misleading and outdated information out there. Even your most trusted confidants may be repeating information that isn’t accurate. These misconceptions have been repeated so often, that many people just assume that they must be true. Unfortunately, basing your decisions on this bad information can cost you time, money, and the many benefits that temp staffing agencies offer.

High Cost, Low Value

One of the most common misconceptions about staffing agencies is that they’re too expensive for what they provide. After all, you’re just getting a “temp,” right? This ignores all of the other services that temp staffing agencies offer, and casts an undeserved negative light on temps. Hiring, even for a temp, is an involved, expensive process. From advertising to onboarding, every step costs you time and money. At any step in the process, applicants can drop out, forcing you back to step one. Temp agencies cut out all of these steps by having a large pool of qualified, experienced applicants. A ‘Do-it-Yourself ‘solution only saves money if everything always goes right on the first try. As soon as something goes wrong, you’ll see why assuming all the risk yourself isn’t the best idea.

Top Talent

Over the years, “temps” somehow became synonymous with short-term, low-skill workers. They were considered stand-ins for better trained, more experienced employees who, for whatever reason, were absent from work. This was never accurate, and becomes less so every year. Temp workers are the fastest growing, most experienced workforce in the world. They encompass every level of education, training, and experience.

Temp staffing makes it easy to fill any role within your organization. From clerical work, to logistics, to IT, no job is too big or too small for a temp agency. You can hire a temp to handle light office work, to help roll out a huge software upgrade, for light industrial or warehousing/logistics needs, and everything in between.

Nobody Likes Leftovers

There is also the misconception that temps just can’t find “real” jobs anywhere else. They have to work as temps because they lack the education, training, dedication or experience to find permanent work. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The majority of temp workers enjoy the variety that temp work offers. They get to work in multiple positions across multiple industries. Whether they are continuing their education, have family commitments, or are transitioning to retirement, the temp staffing model fits perfectly into their lives. These are workers who could easily find permanent jobs elsewhere, but choose temp staffing for how it better suits them.

Don’t be Misled

Relying on bad information is never good for business. If you’re still avoiding temp staffing due to outdated and inaccurate opinions about staffing agencies, you’re missing out on some great workers. Temps can fill in for absent employees, bolster your work force during seasonal upticks, help cover shifts during busy periods, or just help out when things fall behind. With the help of a temp staffing agency, you can have a ready pool of top-quality workers waiting in the wings for all of your staffing needs.

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