Recruiting Agency Basics – What a Recruiting Firm Takes Care Of, So You Don't Have To

As a business owner or HR professional, chances are you already know that finding the right, quality candidates for any vacant positions in your company can be time consuming and difficult.

In most cases, when you advertise a position, you’ll receive an avalanche of resumes from the wrong sort of candidate, and far fewer from the type of people you’re actually looking for – and that means taking the time to find that elusive needle in the haystack.

Time really is money, and a recruiting agency is the solution for most businesses, but let’s look at why.

Sourcing Candidates

Finding the right people for your business starts with sourcing the right candidates, and that means advertising in the right places, with the right advertisements, that are carefully worded. A recruiting agency will not only do that for you, but they usually also have many resumes on file, that they can search on your behalf.

Pre Screening

Another time consuming step in the process of hiring any employee is the pre screening of candidates. When you give a recruiting agency your list of requirements for any position you have vacant, they’ll make sure that only those who check all the boxes make it to the next step of the process.

Recruiting agency staff not only check that the people who apply meet your requirements, they also check a host of other things too. When you work with a recruiting agency, for instance, you’ll never have to deal with another resume that’s riddled with spelling mistakes, or candidates who have never worked in your industry.


Another important part of the hiring process that many companies choose to delegate to a professional recruiting agency is the initial interview process. Recruiting agency staff are highly trained in interviewing, and can handle the first round of interviews, to further narrow the number of candidates you have to meet to find the perfect employee.

Not only do recruiting agency staff handle the interview for you, saving you time – but they also act as a buffer, eliminating those follow up calls from unsuitable candidates.

Reference Checks

Another important part of the hiring process that recruiting agency staff take care of for busy HR professionals and business owners is reference checks. They’ll take the time to call all those references, and they’ll ask the right questions.

Essentially, recruiting agency staff will make sure that the flood of unsuitable resumes becomes a trickle of the very best applicants out there, which means you only have to interview people that you actually want to hire. Your time is valuable, so why not save some by outsourcing to the professionals?

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