How to Plan for a Maternity or Paternity Leave and Train Your Interim Replacement

Planning for a maternity leave does not have to be a stressful event! With approximately 6 months to plan for a replacement, finding a maternity temp can be a fairly trouble-free experience for both employee and employer. Having the employee involved in the training process can ensure policies and procedures are carried on seamlessly through the creation of a manual and/or training binder.

A collaborative training period with both employee and employer allows for a clear and concise understanding of expectations and policies. This will ensure both policies and procedures of work can be carried out effectively, maintaining the quality and efficiency of work. To orient the maternity temp with specific guidelines, a shadow period can be an effective way to familiarize oneself with work expectations. Some examples of tasks to be covered include familiarization with the following:


  • Phone/contact lists
  • Status of current projects
  • Client information
  • List of upcoming events/ deadlines
  • Tips on organizing and filing paperwork/ data entry
  • Common / important emails to review

Having the employee(s) involved in the training process will also benefit current clients, ensuring they are receiving the same quality of service. Once maternity leave has ended, this will allow for a smooth transition upon returning to work.

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