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How to Utilize Temporary Help During Seasonal Peaks

There are many reasons why a company may hire temporary help during seasonal peaks of busier periods. For some, it may be that their business incurs an uptick in workload during warmer months which require more workers to produce or ship more product/services.  For others, the availability of skilled workers during their seasonal period can provide a unique opportunity to add value. Here are a few ways your company can utilize temporary seasonal help.

  1. Catch up on Projects

For many students, summer break is the time to make new connections in the business world while adding new skills to resumes. If your company has projects that are falling behind, students and other temporary workers can help get things up to date. Even if it is just catching up on filing or data entry, an eager student will not mind the mundane work–especially if the opportunity to sit in on more important projects is also offered.

  1. Accommodate Upgrades

Whether it is new computers or new software, technical upgrades can be a sticky situation for busy companies that do not have much room for downtime. Bringing in temporary help can make the process faster and easier for both your workers and your in-house IT department. Whether you need help with training and acclimation to new products or a highly-trained individual to perform upgrades that are beyond the expertise of your current staff, extra hands will keep things running smoothly.

  1. Vacation Rotation

Time away from the job is the best way to keep employees fresh. On the other hand, scheduling vacation time can be tricky. Temporary employees can help you accommodate time off so your employees can get the break they need without causing too much disruption. The right person can provide backup for several positions, and rotate throughout the summer to provide maximum coverage.


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  1. Full-Time Transitions

Many temporary employees may be open to a full-time position, either at the end of the summer or a later date. A summer placement will give you the opportunity to see how an individual interacts with your company and other employees and can give you a great place to start when you are looking to fill a full-time position. Even if your summer temp is not looking for long-term placement, they may recommend your company to their friends and family if their experience was positive.

Filling the Gaps

Even if your company does not experience seasonal changes in business, there are many ways to utilize temporary help to keep things running smoothly. You can catch up on work that might otherwise drag on for too long, get expert assistance for short-term situations, and keep employees rested and happy. In return, many temporary workers are thankful for the opportunity to help in exchange for new skills and experience, and it ends up being a win-win for both sides.


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