How Temp Staffing Agencies Manage Employee Discipline

One of the biggest challenges of a company’s human resource (HR) department is the administering of employee discipline. Areas where disciplinary action may be required would include the following:


  • Insubordination
  • Repeated and excessive punctuality issues
  • Failure to notify of absences
  • Abusive language within the workplace
  • Repeated failure to observe company polices, such as health and safety regulations
  • Dishonesty
  • Theft


In connection with this challenge, a temporary staffing agency can serve as an important extension of your HR department. How do temp staff agencies manage employee discipline?

Temps Are Employees of the Temp Staffing Agencies

It is good to remember that temp workers are employees of the temporary staffing agency. The temporary staffing agency is under the same labour laws that govern your company. Because of this fact, their approach to managing employee discipline wouldn’t be any different to the approach that you would take with your permanent staff.

Generally employee discipline would fall under one the following three categories:


  • Letter of warning
  • Letter of suspension
  • Termination


In the case of termination it would be up to the temp agency to observe all laws concerning the giving of proper notice and the paying of termination/severance pay.

Good Communication Is Needed

One of the major benefits of using a temp agency is that you can return the temps back to the agency when you no longer require their services. That being said if you are returning a temp for any performance related issues this should be clearly communicated to the agency. If there is a potential need for employee discipline the agency needs to know. You also may be asked to put your issues and concerns in writing. This will prevent similar issues from arising in the future.

Lightens the HR Load

Using a temp staffing agency can reduce the HR load.  An important aspect of the temp agency managing the employee discipline is that you don’t have to worry about dealing  with any disciplinary issues concerning the temp employees.

Having a responsive temp agency that follows all the employment standards (ESA), when disciplining their employees while assigned to your company assures you that there will be no ramifications or implications deflected back to your organization regarding improper discipline procedures of their employees.

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