Using a Temp Staffing Agency to "Try Before You Buy"

A company is only as good as its employees. Hiring the wrong employees will have a negative impact on your bottom line. This is an important area where a temp staffing agency can help. Using temps gives you the opportunity to audition potential employees before you offer them a permanent position with your company.

The flexibility of the “try before you buy” approach has many considerable advantages. Using a temp staffing agency to try before you buy:


  • Reduces Risk
  • Cuts Costs
  • Improves Productivity


Reduces Risk

Hiring an employee who is not the right fit can potentially expose your company to a number of potential risks. For example, if they are individuals who do not properly follow health and safety regulations they can become a huge liability. You do not want to put the safety of your employees at risk because of hiring the wrong individuals. By using the try before you buy approach you can reduce the risk by returning the temporary worker to the temp staffing agency as soon as you spot the risk.

Another risk you are taking when hiring a permanent employee is that they might not fit in with the company culture, or they may have issues getting along with others. This could potentially lead to the following:


  • Negative impact on employee morale
  • Could contribute to an increase in employee turnover


By using a temp staffing agency to try before you buy will provide you with the option of returning a temp who isn’t the right fit for your company. On the flip side, if you have a temporary worker who proves to be the right fit you can offer them a permanent position with no risk. This will have a positive impact both on your company retention rate and employee morale.

Cuts Costs

There are a number of potential costs that can result from hiring the wrong employees. For example, if a negligent employee proves to be a health and safety liability this could lead to an increase in Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims in the event of workplace accidents/injuries.

Another potential area of increased costs is connected with the termination of an unqualified employee. By using a temp staffing agency you can avoid any costs associated with terminating an employee. If a temporary worker fails their “try-out” you can simply return them to the temp staffing agency with no additional costs.

Improves Productivity

When hiring employees there are times that you could end up with workers who do an adequate job but they just don’t stand out. The flexibility of using a temp staffing agency will allow you to find those workers who excel and out-perform. When a temp worker exceeds expectations you can offer them a permanent position. By hiring temporary workers who exceed expectations will help raise the bar for the rest of your staff.

Using a temp staffing agency provides the flexibility of being able to try before you buy. Using this approach will help you reduce risks, cut costs and improve productivity. A “try before you buy” investment in temp staffing can minimize risks while offering high rewards.

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