The Top 10 Things to Expect from a Recruiting Agency Partner

Choosing the right recruiting agency can result in an increase in your company’s productivity. On the flip-side, choosing the wrong one can be very costly. To help make sure that you are partnering with the right agency here is a list of 10 things that you should reasonably expect from your recruiting agency.

1. Understand and Comply with All Legal Requirements

The recruiting agency that you partner with should stay up to date on any changes to employment laws. For those employees that are contracted through the agency, the paperwork will be handled for you. If you choose to hire the candidate independently then you should expect that the agency will have the ability to walk you through all legal requirements. This will ensure that you are in full compliance with all legal requirements.

2. Perform Backgrounds Checks

It is reasonable to expect that your recruiting agency will properly perform background checks on all candidates. This will eliminate any potential legal issues. It will also protect against the potential of an applicant trying to use a stolen identity.

3. Have Industry Experience

The recruiting agency that you partner with should have a clear understanding of your industry. This will help them better understand your needs and they will have access to the right individuals to fill them.

4. Provide Referrals

When selecting a recruiting agency you should expect that they will refer you to companies that have had experience working with them. These references should be from within the same industry.

5. Help You Build Connections

The recruiting agency that you partner with should have extensive networking connections in your area. By working with the agency you will be able to tap into those connections. Being able to access their networks can lead to benefits like:


  • Access to cross-marketing opportunities
  • Conversations about innovation and productivity
  • Insider info on industry trends


6. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

A recruiting agency may have a surplus of job candidates, but how many of them have the necessary skills to perform the tasks that your company requires? You should expect the agency that you partner with will be able to provide you with employees that are the right fit for your company.

7. Effectively Screen Workers

Before you choose to partner with a recruiting agency it would be wise to know what tests they perform to gauge the competence of applicants. If your agency has experience in your industry and they have an understanding of your company’s needs, then they should be able to weed out any unqualified applicants during their screening process.

8. Help You Tap The Hidden Market

You should expect that the recruiting agency you partner with will have knowledge of talented individuals who might leave their existing employment if a better opportunity presented itself. Because these workers are not filling out applications, you need the industry experience and connections of a professional recruiter to help you tap this hidden market.

9. Save You Time

The hiring process can be very time consuming. A recruiting agency does most of the screening, interviewing and training for you. This will free up valuable time and will allow you to focus on other aspects of your company’s operations.

10. Help You Hire the Best

Because of their industry experience and their connections, you should expect your recruiting agency to help you hire the best talent available. If they understand your needs they will be able to weed out unqualified workers. This will help you succeed in finding those workers that will contribute to the success of your company.

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