An Investment in Temp Staffing Provides High ROI

Operating a successful business means maximizing what you get for what you pay for. Spending lots of money for little in return will quickly eat at your bottom line. Successful businesses are focused on maintaining a high return on investment (ROI).

One unavoidable area where you have to invest company funds is staffing. You need workers to operate your business. That being said your hiring and recruiting strategy could yield either a low or high ROI. One way to maximize your ROI is by investing in temp staffing.

Here are three ways an investment in temp staffing provides high ROI:

  1. Temp staff are employees of  the temp staffing agency
  2. You can try before buy
  3. Reduces the cost of being understaffed

Temp Staff Are Employees of the Temp Staffing Agency

There are many advantages connected to the fact that temp workers are employees of the temp staffing agency, including:


  • The agency looks after being in legal compliance
  • Avoiding costs related to termination of staff
  • Avoiding costs connected with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims


Each of these represents a high ROI. For instance, if you no longer require the service of a temp or if the temp is just not working out, you just simply send them back to the temp staffing agency, avoiding any termination costs. It also eliminates a number of potentially time-consuming and painful administrative hassles.  In addition, if the temp worker is injured at your place of work, the temp agency is responsible for the WSIB claim.

You Can Try Before You Buy

Being stuck with unqualified employees can have an adverse effect on a company’s bottom line. This is another considerable advantage to investing in temp staffing. You can give the temp worker an “audition” before offering them a permanent position with your company.

If you have a temp worker who proves that they are a good fit for your company, then you can offer them a permanent position will full confidence.  This will also help increase your employee retention rate. Investing in temp staffing as part of your retention strategy will help prevent the costly cycle of a high turnover rate.

Reduces the Cost of Being Understaffed

There are a number situations which can occur which could cause a company to become understaffed for periods of time.  These could include maternity leave, family issues, sickness and seasonal increases in workload. When faced with these situations a company has the following options:


  • Ask your employees to pick up the slack for being understaffed
  • Regularly pay overtime
  • Invest in temp staffing


Concerning the first point there could be many downfalls to having your existing staff taking on an increased workload to compensate for a staffing shortage. If they are tired and overworked they are more likely to make mistakes. They are also more likely to become bitter and irritable. This not only will impact productivity, but if they are unhappy you could risk losing a good employee.

This also applies to the regularly paying of overtime, plus you also have the additional monetary costs of paying for that overtime. Investing in temp staffing to help lighten the load will help keep your employee morale high, which in turn will help lower employee turnover.

When added up, temp staffing can make a considerable positive impact on an organization’s bottom line, delivering significant ROI.

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