Why Using a Temp Staffing Agency Can Reduce Your Risk

There is always some risk involved in hiring a new staff member. You risk missed deadlines and lost productivity while you and your staff find, interview, and train a new employee. You risk legal and financial penalties if the employee isn’t fully documented and accurately classified. And, you risk having to take all of these risks again in the event the employee doesn’t work out. All of these risks are magnified when you’re trying to fill a temporary position. You put in all of the effort, and assume all of the risk, for an employee you already know isn’t going to be around permanently. Using a recruitment agency to fill temporary positions can reduce or eliminate all of these risks.

You Do Your Job, Let Them Do Theirs

Every minute you and your employees spend looking for a new staff member is a minute that isn’t spent conducting your regular business. Time and money are your most important resources, and they should be used to your greatest advantage. While you’re busy finding, interviewing, and training a new employee, you’re not focusing on fulfilling obligations to your customers.

Finding the perfect temp employee is the business of a recruitment agency—it’s what they do all day, every day. Allowing them to fulfill your staffing needs allows you to remain focused on your business. In the end, you eliminate two risks: the risk of lost productivity, and the risk that you’ll spend your time and effort and still not find a suitable temporary worker.

Navigating Murky Legal Waters

Employment law is incredibly complex, and becomes more so every year. Rules and regulations change on a political whim, and keeping up with the changes can be a full-time job. If a potential employee deceives you, or you make a mistake in their paperwork, the fines and penalties could be onerous.

Recruitment agencies devote a considerable amount of time to keeping up with the changing legal tides. They employ hundreds, if not thousands, of workers—they can’t afford to be wrong. When you get a temporary employee from a recruitment agency, they’ve already assumed these risks for you. The temporary employee is contracted through the agency, meaning that the agency is responsible for making sure that all of the rules and regulations have been followed. If there is deception or a mistake, you may lose the services of the employee, but any potential legal ramifications are the responsibility of the agency.

Play it Again, Sam

When you hire a temporary staffer on your own, you’re betting that the time and effort you’ve expended will pay off. What happens if they don’t show up after the first week? Or even the first day? All of the advertising, interviewing, and training you’ve invested amounts to nothing. You’ve lost money and productivity and, to make matters worse, you have to do it all again to fill the position.

Even the best recruitment agency in the world can’t guarantee that every employee will work out every time. What they can guarantee is that your time and effort won’t be wasted. If, for whatever reason, the temporary staffer doesn’t work out, they’ll find you a replacement. The risk of time and productivity is all on the agency, not on you and your employees.

Less Risk, More Reward

You do not need to take unnecessary risks when filling temporary staffing positions. By taking advantage of the experience and expertise of a professional recruiting agency, you’ll get top-quality employees, without the risks of hiring them yourself.

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