Gap Adopts Results-Only Work Environment

Gap To Employees: Work Wherever, Whenever You Want – BusinessWeek.

You might recall reading about Best Buy switching to a work when you want, wherever you want workplace strategy a couple of years ago.  Well, a second major retailer has joined this budding revolution in HR strategy, and seen huge returns on their marginal investment.

ROWE is a corporate culture initiative designed to significantly improve employee productivity, accountability and engagement. Under a ROWE, employees are empowered to work whenever and wherever they want as long as the work gets done.

Turnover plummeted, engagement and work-life balance scores jumped after just letting their employees dictate their own schedules and locations.  Well, that is simplifying what Gap Outlet did, so click over to the article which includes an overview of the process they used to implement ROWE and some of the results they experienced.

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