CEO Challenge: 5 Days to Improve Company Performance

Take the challenge to improve your leadership and company performance without spending a cent on expensive executive coach, off-site leadership training or a consultant.

  1. Challenge yourself

    Praise, don’t criticize – get psychology today article.  Just for today only provide positive feedback.  Catch 3 people doing something right!

  2. Bud out

    Allow people time to come up with a solution without budding in.  You are smart – you may have built the company from scratch or came in to take it to the next level, however, you don’t have a market on brains.  It you could do it all yourself you wouldn’t need employees.  Look hard for the better solutions someone else came up with.

  3. Zip up

    Listen more than you talk today.  Really listen – not even for a moment think of what your response is going to be while they are talking. This one will be very difficult. Observe how your staff reacts!

  4. Get out of your cave

    Be open to at least one new way of doing something and refraining from the way that you have ‘always done it’ .  Yes it has worked for you in the past and that helped with your success, however, if we never changed the way we did things we would still be living in caves.

  5. Take a hike

    Walk around the office or plant.  Get to know your staff better.  Ask them what prevents them from doing their job. This is an opportunity to connect and find out their view of the world.  While doing so, make sure your sincerity and professionalism shine through.  Don’t dismiss, roll your eyes, think of how much greater (smarter, successful) you are, challenge ideas or use what you hear as ammunition later.  Just commit to trying to connect, understand and learn more.  More personal than an employee survey.

Reflect after each day how it went.  Did you feel awkward? If you did, you know you can only improve.  Are you up for the challenge?

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