Bill 160: Dramatic Ontario OHS Reform Just Enacted Into Law

Dramatic Ontario OHS Reform (Bill 160) — just enacted into law — will impact Ontario companies with sweeping new safety training and JHSC compliance requirements.

Under the coming new rules, Ontario companies will face mandatory new safety training requirements for their workers and JHSC members, new safety training and awareness requirements for frontline supervisors, new training requirements for health and safety representatives, and much more. Training standards are being set, with a targeted implementation date for April 2012.

Businesses can expect more targeted inspections of companies that employ “vulnerable workers” including inspections on afternoon and evening shifts, checking that employees have work permits, are given and understand the safety training. Without a doubt, Bill 160 will have a major impact upon your safety training and JHSC programs. The best way to prepare for these changes is to review and revise your training, policies and practices.

During your review consider the following: (a) are your supervisors trained in Due Diligence and (b) if you use a temporary staffing agency, have you confirmed the employees they place are eligible to work legally in Canada, and been trained on their rights and responsibilities, as well as job requirements? As the implementation date approaches we will keep you abreast on any developments, and help you get compliant on day one.

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