5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency to Hire Temps

When a company needs to hire temporary employees on a short-term, long-term or intermittent basis they have a few options. They can place ads, contact recruiting agencies for full-time staff, or call a temp staffing agency. The third choice is the one that offers the most benefits when temporary workers are needed.

Here are five reasons why companies and businesses can benefit from using a temp staffing agency.

Reduced Costs

The recruitment and training process is costly. Businesses have to develop a vacancy announcement and advertise in print and/or online media platforms. The business answers questions regarding the position, collects and reviews resumes, schedules and conducts interviews, assesses applicants, checks references, and conducts background checks. They then have to train and orientate the employee. All of these activities take existing staff away from their regular duties. The business also has to process payroll, handle taxes, and is responsible for unemployment, workers compensation, and any liability claims.

Using a temp staffing agency eliminates all of these costs. The agency determines the needs of the business and develops advertisements and manages job postings, and handles all aspects of the hiring, onboarding, and HR process. The business simply pays the agency which is responsible for all tax deductions and WSIB claims.

Specialized Expertise

Just like a juggler, businesses have numerous balls or responsibilities they must keep in the air all day long. They touch each ball over and over again, but they never spend a lot of time holding one ball because the other ones would fall to the ground. Staffing agencies are different. They have only one ball on which they are focused – placing the right person in the right job. Businesses using temp agencies benefit from this commitment to one set of responsibilities and the resulting specialized expertise.

Reduced Training Costs and Time

The recruitment process of a staffing agency is lengthy and can be more involved than internally-managed recruitment processes. They assess the current skills of an applicant, but they take the process one step further. They can provide training that strengthens existing skills and develop their workers in new skills. When a staffing agency employee starts at your business they should have very little need for extra training and be well-prepared to hit the ground running.

Increased Productivity

A staffing agency does not always have to recruit for every position that they are contracted for. They typically have pre-screened qualified workers ready and willing to work with little notice. If the staffing agency can place a skilled employee in your vacant position within a short period of time, perhaps in hours or a day or two, you never have to worry about tasks not being completed in time. And current staff do not have to step up and be burdened by taking on additional responsibilities reducing their productivity.


Staffing agencies do not place any restrictions on the use of their employees. Businesses can hire temporary workers in any capacity, for whatever timeframes they desire. You may need someone to fill in for a maternity leave, provide additional help during a busy holiday season, cover off emergency sick leave, or step in with added manpower during an unexpected project. Whenever you need them, a staffing agency and their talented employees will be there.

Businesses are often surprised to find out how many benefits temp agencies can bring to their operations that strengthen.

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