The Top 5 Ways a Temp Staffing Agency Can Help with High Volume Staffing Needs

Summer is upon us, and many businesses will soon find themselves in the situation of needing high volume staffing. If your business needs an influx of workers from time to time, a temp staffing agency can fill your needs and keep you running smoothly, even through your busiest seasons.

Temp staffing agencies are equipped to handle your fluctuating staffing needs, whether your needs arise because of employee illness and maternity leave or because you have special projects requiring a lot more help. Whatever the reason, check out the following top five ways a temp staffing agency can help with high volume staffing needs.

Immediate Help

When you need workers on site right away, the best thing to do is to call a temp staffing agency. If you try to find last-minute workers yourself, you’ll end up settling for workers who may or may not have the skills, experience, and interest you need. Temp staffing agencies have already screened their workers and filled out the necessary paperwork, so when you need a worker, there’s no hesitation. You call them up, and they send a qualified worker to you immediately.

Business as Usual

When you use temp workers to fill in during busy times, your regular employees can continue to do their normal jobs without taking on additional responsibilities. This means that your company can continue to operate at its normal pace, even when your volume is high. You won’t feel stressed, your regular employees won’t feel stressed, and you’ll be able to handle your high volume times with grace and ease.

Ability to Tackle Large Projects

When you have a good working relationship with a temp staffing agency, you can feel free to tackle larger projects, knowing that you can always get the extra help you need. Want to have a booth at a trade show? Hire a couple of temp workers to keep things running at the trade show while your regular employees keep the business running smoothly at the office. Want to take on a larger-than-normal project to see if expansion is a good idea? Hire some temp workers to try the new larger operation on for size before you make any hard-and-fast commitments.

Specialty Workers

One of the problems with hiring extra people for high volume times is that you may not be able to find the specialty workers you need. If just any old worker will do, you can usually find somebody. But if you need workers with special skills and experience, you’ll need the help of a temp agency. Temp staffing agencies screen all of their workers to find out which skills, education, and certifications each person has. With all of this information, it’s easy for a temp agency to find just the right people to help you during your high volume times.

Minimal Training

Bringing on temp workers can be stressful if they require a great deal of training. Your regular employees may have a difficult time getting their own work done if they have to spend several days training the temps. This is another area where temp staffing agencies can help. They can conduct training for your jobs at the agency before the temp workers ever show up at the job site. Then, once the temps are well-trained, they can show up and begin working productively from the very start.

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