Over the past 30 years Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions has grown to become a leader in providing the broadest range of HR solutions for companies in Canada. Our goal is to provide flexible people solutions that help organizations achieve a competitive advantage from their workforce.

Generally, small and mid-size companies have limited time, money or resources to effectively develop and implement the HR strategies necessary to meet and exceed their business goals and objectives. However, in the increasingly complex world of HR, they face the same employee challenges as well resourced larger organizations. Pivotal provides small and mid-size companies with affordable HR solutions that are typically only available to larger corporations. These include HR, Payroll and Staffing solutions, including our proven HR and Payroll outsourcing service where we have built an impressive list of clients in all industries.

Managed HR

Our HR Solutions practice provides a complete suite of services from an HR Assessment (HROI™) to Projects and all the way to a full Outsourced HR Management solution. The Outsourced HR management service achieves more for our clients than a traditional in-house HR function by providing a dedicated HR Director, supported by a Group Leader, specialty HR skills and support services such as cost- effective recruitment. This team-based and integrated approach provides companies with an effective and affordable alternative to internal hires and costly consultants. The Pivotal HR team has over 20 specialty HR skills such as; recruiting, compensation and pay equity, performance management, health and safety, risk management and more. When you have a specific HR “pain point” in your organization, or are simply looking to upgrade your level of HR, we have the experience to help you achieve your goals.

Outsourced HR Management / HR Assessments (HROI™) HR Help Desk / Consulting Projects

Payroll Management

We provide companies with a complete payroll management solution; including both a dedicated payroll specialist (who is accessible to you at all times) and a cost effective processing system. Many organizations rely on a single person to manage their payroll function and when they take time off for vacation, sickness and leave (such as maternity), their payroll is vulnerable to interruptions and costly errors. Our team-based approach allows us to manage your payroll without interruptions as we assign a dedicated person and backup to your business. Our team of payroll specialists also provide; payroll assessments, tax remittance advice, short term contracts, and consulting skills.

Outsourced Payroll Management / Transactional/Processing / Payroll Assessment / Automated Time & Attendance

General Labour and Temporary Staffing

Over the past 30 years, Pivotal Staffing Solutions has grown to become a leader in the employment services industry for recruiting and placing industrial, logistics and office staffing. Our “Employee Custom Matching” process ensures that employees are a good match to your site-specific job profiles. The Pivotal “Identity Verification” program helps protect your business from applicants using stolen identity. Our unique “Health and Safety Best Practice” continues to play a vital role in everything we do for you. When it comes to project or work overload that requires one, two or even a hundred people to do the job efficiently and on time, you can rely on Pivotal Staffing Solutions.

Pivotal Staffing Advantage / Staffing Specialties / Health & Safety Assessments

Professional Search and Recruitment

Pivotal’s Staffing Team is dedicated and committed to working with their clients and ensuring their requirements are being met. We don’t walk away from challenging roles, we remain committed to getting the job done. Our team prides themselves on following “Best Practices” as well as being a trusted advisor to both their clients and candidates. Our approach is simple; we listen to what you need and present you with only the highest caliber candidates.